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Reviving Half Bun Hairstyles for Men

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

half bun men

The half bun for men is a stylish and attractive hairstyle that can catch people's attention. It's become popular for men who want to showcase their long beards with this trendy hairdo.

We all want simple yet classy ways to style our hair without going to a salon. For many men, the man bun is the perfect choice.

It not only gives a masculine appearance but also makes partners admire the look.

So, don't wait! Here are some suggestions to make your man bun look stylish, classy, and pleasing to the eye:

Classic Man Bun

half bun men

Sometimes, a classic man bun is just what you need. It's simple to create and looks fantastic. This style is ideal for guys with shoulder-length hair who can easily make a tight man bun.

It's a practical and doable hairstyle where all your hair is gathered into a tight bun in the middle of your head.

This way, you won't have stray hairs getting in your way and blocking your vision. It's a great choice for stylish men.

Half Bun For Men

half bun men

A half-bun hairstyle for men can be a stylish choice, even when you're dressed up in formal attire for an event. What's awesome about a half bun is that you don't need long hair to pull it off. Hair that reaches the back of your neck is enough and can give your bun a neat and tidy appearance.

Infinity Man Bun

half bun men

If you have grown your hair into long hair and want a stylish way to keep it in check, we suggest the Infinity Man Bun. This bun is shaped like the infinity symbol and is positioned at the top of your head, giving you a stylish and practical look.

It's a great choice for managing long hair while staying fashionable. You can always adjust the shape of the bun to suit your preferences.

The Messy Bun

half bun men

We know that messy buns are often seen as a women's hairstyle, but they work well for men too.

Seriously! A messy bun is perfect for those days when you're in a hurry and want to get ready quickly.

It can be a great choice, whether you have long hair or medium to short hair. The key is that you don't need to put in a lot of effort, but you can still make it look stylish and trendy.

It's not too formal for special events and not too casual for a regular workday. It's just right for hanging out with friends or going to a concert.

Man Bun with an Undercut

half bun men

Undercuts are a trendy hairstyle these days, and even men who don't have a man bun are getting undercuts.

When you combine a sleek man bun with an undercut, it looks even more stylish and authentic. It's a rare combination where the hairstyle is both easy to achieve and stunning to look at.

A man bun with an undercut is the perfect blend. Even if you have short hair, thanks to the undercut, you can still create this bun and impress your partner with elegance.

Spiked Man Bun

half bun men

Curious about the spiked man bun? Don't be alarmed; it's not spooky at all.

A spiked man bun is when your hair is styled so that the ends stick out like spikes from your head. It's a modern twist on the classic man bun.

To create a spiked man bun, you'll need hair that's at least shoulder-length.

Double Man Bun

half bun men

Let's talk about the double bun. It might sound unusual but think about it: a double-man bun can set you apart in a crowd, and it's both stylish and practical.

However, creating two buns is a bit different. First and foremost, you need to have long and sturdy hair that can be split into two equal knots, one on each side of your head. But here's the deal: this style is for those who are bold and confident, comfortable with drawing attention, and are themselves.

Curly Bun with Undercut Tape

half bun men

Here's a tip for all you fantastic men with curly hair who struggle with styling: don't worry! The solution is a curly bun with an undercut taper.

With this hairstyle, you gather your curly hair into a bun on the top of your head, while the sides are trimmed shorter, often with a fade.

The top is all about the bun, while the sides have a skin fade, a temple fade, and a gradual taper towards the back.

Highlighted Man Bun

half bun men

This is the most popular and stylish man bun around, but it can also take a bit of time to get it just right.

To pull off this look, you should have a few long strands of hair that are highlighted. Ensure that the volume of your hair is consistent all around your head while your highlighted strands stand out.

Braided Bun

half bun men

The braided bun style is a one-of-a-kind, fashionable, and classy choice that keeps your hair looking neat.

It's perfect for guys with long hair who can create a braid. You can even pair your braided bun with an undercut taper fade, which is an uncommon but attention-grabbing combination.

To enhance this style, consider using razors for precision detailing in your lineup, making it stand out even more.

Man Bun with a Thick Beard

half bun men

Last but certainly not least, if you're a guy who's proud of your beard and hair, you can rock this unique style.

You can even throw in a moustache to make it look stylish and sophisticated. Despite often being associated with a hipster vibe, any man with the appropriate hair length and thickness can pull off this look.

Just ensure that your beard is at least an inch long and that the sides blend seamlessly into it for the best effect.


Recently, Bollywood fans saw the return of the half bun hairstyle for men, with Ayushmann Khurrana sporting it in his latest movie.

Bringing back this half bun hairstyle for men isn't a bad idea, especially when it's practical for guys with long hair and a good beard.

If you want to keep your man bun fashionable without appearing unprofessional, we have you covered. Man buns can be styled in various ways, depending on your hair length.

The styles described earlier are some options you can choose from.

While some people think that man buns can lead to hair loss, it's not the bun itself.

The issue arises when your hair is tightly tied up in a bun, which can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to hairline problems if the same tight style is repeated daily.

That's why it's recommended to keep your man bun loose enough for comfort and switch up the style. Even though it's trendy, it should always be comfortable for you.

Written by: Aakanksha Bajpai

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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