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Best Ways To Style Patchy Beard For A Distinctive Look

Patchy Beard

A patchy beard can make a man feel less confident and appear less appealing. For the most part, it doesn't resemble the best-looking beard.

However, with proper grooming and styling, it's not as bad as it may seem.

Unfortunately, a patchy beard is genetically dependent and cannot be fully controlled.

Yet, with the assistance of these styling tips, your beard can look significantly better and be well-managed in the future. Let's explore how to achieve the best patchy beard styles

5 Best Ways To Style Patchy Beard:

1. Shaping it

Patchy Beard

Shaping and trimming your beard properly can make a substantial difference. This will reduce the visibility of patchiness, giving your beard a fuller and better-maintained appearance.

Shaving off the neckline and any hair on your cheeks will enhance your sharpness and improve the overall look of your beard.

2. Letting it grow for more than a month

Patchy Beard

A longer-term solution is to allow your beard to grow to its full potential length, which typically takes more than a month.

Allowing your patchy beard to grow will eventually cover up the patches. Once grown, you can shape it cleanly, resulting in a fuller-looking beard.

3. Using an eye liner

Patchy Beard

An uncommon but effective hack is to use eye liner. Drawing an outline along the cheeks of your beard and smudging it evenly will cover up the patches, making your beard look more uniform and darker.

Be cautious not to use too much, as it can become prominent and make your beard appear fake. Test it with a mirror to determine the appropriate amount for your patchy beard.

4. Adapting to a different beard style

Patchy Beard

Having a patchy beard doesn't have to be the worst thing. You can adapt it to other beard styles, such as the goatee, beardstache, or even a Van Dyke style.

This not only enhances your style but also has a psychological impact, helping you accept and adapt to your patchiness with a different style and length.

5. Combing it

Patchy Beard

Invest in a horseshoe beard brush to comb your beard regularly. Combining with the help of a beard brush will encourage your hair to grow down, covering up the patchy areas.

While this is a long-term investment, it's worthwhile and sure to yield permanent results. Combing is a key aspect of most patchy beard solutions, helping you maintain a neat and clean appearance.


A patchy beard can be a challenge for many modern men. In an era where fuller beards are in style, patchiness can be bothersome if not addressed.

While there are long-term solutions such as hair transplants, taking biotin supplements, or adopting a biotin-rich diet, quick fixes and styling tips can make a significant difference.

Follow this list for the best results, fixing your patchy beard and giving you the confidence to grow a better, more handsome beard!

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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