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The Most Iconic Beard Styles Of All Time

Iconic Beard Styles

Beard styles for men have seen a significant change over the years and have come to the phase of having thicker and fuller beards.

But there are certain styles that have become immortal in the fashion world. They became some of the most well-known beard styles ever as a result of their widespread popularity among famous people and celebrities.

These beard styles are not famous because of their ability to suit anyone, a.k.a. versatility, but instead, they have been remembered for their unique look.

Let’s look at what these styles are!

The Iconic Corporate Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

This is the go-to look for a man who wants to make a good first impression, especially in a professional environment. It’s low-maintenance and works great with any workwear.

The extremely short length helps accentuate your facial features.

It is best kept well-oiled with some beard oil and moisturizer to prevent dryness and also ensure steady growth of your beard.

This is the best of beard styles, considering you get to keep a beard but not so much that it hides your face. That's why it’s one of the most iconic beard styles.

The Iconic Stubble Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

The Stubble is a classic beard style that works best with men who have sharp jawlines, giving them a rugged edge.

It is easy to maintain as long as you keep the areas around your cheek and neckline trimmed and sharp. Else, it might look like you have not slept in two days and are dying for some coffee.

Patting on some beard oil and moisturizer will ensure that you do not look like the desert floor and will also ensure healthy beard growth.

The Iconic Beardstache Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

This one is a bit peculiar; but if it works well, is one of the most masculine-looking beard styles to rock. Given a disclaimer, this beard style does demand a really thick and good mustache.

That is the only downside to it, apparently. But if you manage to nail it, it will only need some maintenance from time to time.

Especially with the mustache as its length cannot be as long as a full-grown beard alongwith frequent oiling of your 'stache.

The Beardstache was all the rage in the 70s and is now making a comeback, with celebrities such as Henry Cavill rocking it.

The Iconic Complete Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

A full-grown and thick beard is still one of the hottest facial hair styles for men.

It is quite difficult to maintain this beard style, as it requires frequent trimming and shaping to prevent it from looking unkempt and disheveled.

Frequent and consistent application of beard oil and beard balm will keep it soft and clean. It is currently one of the hottest-looking beard styles in modern times.

The Iconic Van Dyke Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

This is a beard style that not a lot of men would like to try, but if pulled off right, it can make you one of the most attractive men in the room.

It comprises a full-grown mustache, which comes out as a goatee but is not a complete one. It is suitable for men who dislike having a full beard or who have patchy beards.

It is a beard style that most men can pull off and requires little to no maintenance.

The Most Iconic Goatee Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

Even though not seen commonly, the Goatee is yet another one of the iconic beard styles that, is still one of the most recognizable.

This bear style works extremely well with angular, sharp faces. Numerous famous people and celebrities like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have rocked it at least once in their lives as it makes for one of the most eye-catching beard styles.

The Iconic Hollywoodian Beard Style

Iconic Beard Styles

The Hollywoodian is a peculiar one on this list, and most of you might not have even seen it. It is a more unruly beard style that can give you a vintage mad scientist or scholar look.

There are no sideburns, and it can be best described as an elongated version of the goatee, extending from the chin to the end of the jaw line along the line.

It gives your jaw a more defined and strong look. This beard style is not the easiest to pull off and certainly not something that can be done yourself.

It requires a proficient barber who will master your beard. Leonardo DiCaprio did a fantastic job of pulling off one of the most iconic beard styles.


Beard styles are a canvas for self expression for men. From the enduring charm of the full beard to the contemporary look of the stubble, each beard style tells a story.

They have been present in men’s grooming fashion for decades now and will definitely make appearances throughout the coming years as well.

Which beard style did you find the best? The key is to choose the style you find comfortable maintaining and suits your facial structure best.

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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