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About us

They say that the world is run by the man, but we see this man as a miserable and burdened individual trying to live upto an image that the society has sketched for him. This individual is so busy trying to run the world around him that he has learnt to suppress his pain within. This man is being sold something that he does not need and being exploited in all possible ways. We at Best for Him stand for this man. We also stand for the world that will collapse if this man collapses.

Our Mission

From ages men have been told to behave in a certain way in our society. This puts a pressure on the well-being of males. We are here to lend a shoulder, we understand the highs and lows of life that a man has to go through and the stress that it can bring.

With the help of our experts and the content that we put in, we make sure that men are understood and given a space to be themselves. We do not believe in putting any kind of pressure on men to go out of their boundaries, just so that they can be accepted by society. Our mission is to provide men with self-confidence through our expert tips, that can help them be the better version of themselves. We are here to create a brotherhood.

Editorial Team

  • Raman Tanwar

  • Puneet Kapani

  • Aniket Joshi

  • Sameul Joshua V

  • Ishita Singh

  • Shalvi Mishra

  • Ayush Maurya

  • Prachi Chauhan

  • Md Yusuf Abbas

Sales and Growth Team

  • Gaurav Sharma

  • Usman Malik

Studio Team

  • Vijay Sharma

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The office at BFH is ever teeming with debates on what to try next, whom to invite to our studio as a guest and what questions to raise as advocates of men, masculinity and #manhood

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