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Do Women Really Like Beards?

do women like beards

Men often have an unspoken obsession with beards. The dilemma begins with the onset of adolescence when the majority of boys start developing facial hair.

Many struggle to grow them, while some even acquire them before reaching a certain age. Choosing between guys with beards or a clean-shaven look becomes a perpetual task.

However, it all boils down to personal preferences and what compliments your face. Some individuals effortlessly rock a beard, while others steal attention with a cute, clean-shaven appearance.

If you're heading for your first date with a girl and want to get your beard game right, understanding what women think about beards is crucial.

Preferences vary, but generally, women do appreciate men with beards.

The question then arises: Do women like beards? If she likes men with beards, how long should your beard be? Here's why women often find beards appealing:

Why do women like beards?

do women like beards

Scientific studies suggest that beards make men appear more masculine, giving them a mature appearance that attracts women.

Many women find men with beards sexy, perceiving them as responsible individuals.

Evolutionarily, facial hair has been associated with strength, social power, and manliness.

In ancient Egypt, even influential men sported thick, pointed hair on their chins. This is often linked to higher testosterone levels, resulting in increased hair growth.

Since testosterone is synonymous with masculine traits, men with beards are perceived as stronger.

Do women like beards? Women can glean insights into a man's health and toughness from his increased masculinity.

A more masculine appearance is typically linked to physical prowess and social aggressiveness, possibly indicating a robust immune system.

Beards make a man look healthier, sexually attractive, mature, and powerful, and sometimes even suggest proficiency in relationships and parenting due to the maturity factor.

How to keep your beard for her:

do women like beards

1. Length matters: While women appreciate beards, the length is crucial. A short, spiky, rough beard can cause discomfort and itchiness during romantic moments.

Maintain a medium length and trim it regularly instead of shaving it all at once.

2. Keep it neat and clean: Just like any other hair, beards require cleansing and conditioning. Regularly shampoo and condition your beard, and use beard oil or balm to make it softer.

A well-kept beard is one of the most attractive traits, and softer hair prevents discomfort.

3. Moustache alert: Trim and maintain your moustache as diligently as your beard. A long moustache covering your mouth can detract from your overall appearance and hygiene.


So, do women like beards? Women are often attracted to men with beards, but maintenance is key.

While it's entirely your choice to have a beard or not, these tips can help you woo your girl by keeping your beard well-groomed.

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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