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Embrace your Afro hair with these trendy hairstyles

For guys, the afro is a renowned hairstyle. You have indeed seen the cool guy with the large afro in an 80’s song or movie, well that’s how cool the afro seems to other people! It’s up to you now to continue the image of that cool guy with an afro hairstyle.

Since the afro hair is never given much attention whenever the topic of hairstyles is mentioned, we at BFH have taken it upon ourselves to give light to this splendid hair type. There are numerous ways to wear the modest afro, therefore we’ve included some of our faves in this article so you can pick the best option.

Afro Hair with shaved pattern

Who doesn’t enjoy art, and when it’s paired with a hairdo, it’s pure delight! Here, the top and temple sides of the hair are separated. The sides are patterned with various combinations of slits, shaves, tapers, and fades, while the top is completely brushed up and trimmed.

United Thin Afro with Fine Fade

The hairline of this square afro is nicely styled and short on the sides. The sparse facial hair gives off a punk-like appearance. This hairstyle carries a lot of personality making you seem like a rockstar or someone famous.

Temple Fade with High Fade

Given how flawless the style is, one simply needs this in life. Nicely tapered sides fade subtly in the direction of the temple. The top is formed of curled afro hair that is sufficiently dense to resemble a brush without actually being one of course. However, those angular lineups never fail to draw notice.

Afro Curls forming a Coconut Tree

The undercut on the sides is particularly effective in drawing attention to the incredibly distinctive top. It looks even better when applied with a taper and mid fade.

Classic Brush-Up

Planning a 2 inch height increase? Just kidding, although a brush up with semi-braided strands looks out of the ordinary. The almost high fade and tapering line up on the sides make it even better.

Low Bust Temple Fade

The bowl cut is typically not combined with a low fade or any kind of undercut, but this one seems fresh. It highlights the lines of your face making you look sharper. Don’t forget to maintain an even volume throughout.

Flat Top

Flat top, certainly, but has a slight concave, giving it a little extra flair. In addition, the sides have no line-ups and a taper fade. How frequently does it need to be maintained? Frequently enough, but worth the investment.

Buzz cut with faded sides that is neat

If done properly, buzzcut creates the buzz around, and here the sides are taper faded to make it even better, but it’s more than that. The finest low fades have a neckline fade that directs all the fun towards the top, and have waves present. When the detailing is done properly, afro hairstyles look best.

Strict Undercut and Elevated Afro

What a great sight, that height to the left is definitely something you wouldn’t see every day. Furthermore, the straight hairline is just a banger, and the hard part on the side makes everything look clean but still cool. Look at that shaved line! Makes it absolutely modern.

Uneven Strands

A really bold motif for any afro is styling strands. These medium-length strands protrude in all directions creating a really vibrant afro style to rock. If you have seen the famous singer The Weeknd, you will definitely understand why this hairstyle absolutely rocks!


After seeing these cool hairstyles, we hope that you have found the confidence and feel motivated enough to keep your natural afro curls and style it the best way the suits you and your face! Remember that your natural hair is the best and the most healthy which you will continue to keep your whole life.

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