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Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm: Which is Better?

Beard Oil

Beard oil has proven to be a competent and excellent grooming product for men, contributing to better beard growth.

However, another product, beard balm, has emerged as a formidable competitor. While some adhere to beard oil, others swear by the superiority of balm over oil.

Which is actually better, and more importantly, can one be substituted for the other, or are they completely different products? Read this article to find out more about this so-called beard balm!

What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil

Beard oil can be considered your daily moisturizer for your beard. It helps keep your beard soft and maintains its health, ensuring it not only feels soft but also looks well-trimmed.

It is also effective in preventing itching and beardruff (beard dandruff) by keeping your beard pores hydrated and your beard smelling fresh. Beard oil is meant to be used every day for gradual and assured results.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard Oil

Beard balm can be considered a styling cream for your beard, with added benefits.

It conditions and moisturizes your hair, keeping it soft and allowing it to be kept in a more well-maintained way.

Since it is a styling product, it is best to apply it right before you go out after washing your beard for better results.

When to Apply and How Much?

Beard Oil

Beard Oil: The oil is to be used every day as a routine since it is a product that gives the best results in the long run with consistent use.

It prevents your beard from getting flaky and ensures better, soft beard growth. It also makes your beard look fuller.

The length of the beard does not play any role in the application, as you can use it with any beard style.

Beard Balm: The balm is not an everyday routine product, and we recommend you be frugal with it.

As a styling product, save it for the days when your beard looks unruly, dry, and messy.

It can also be used to make your beard look majestic on special occasions or dates. Apply a very small amount to prevent over-moisturization and greasiness of your beard.

Advantages Over the Other

Beard Oil

Regarding the advantages, there is no concrete advantage of one over the other, as both are different products. However, if you were to choose between the two:

Beard Oil: Suitable for any beard length, with no limit on dosage. A daily-use product to keep your beard smelling fresh, smooth, and natural while ensuring lush growth. Helps in preventing patchy beards to a degree.

Beard Balm: A styling product not recommended for daily use. It depends on beard length, demanding a longer beard for full effectiveness in styling and moisturizing. While there is no harm in applying it over short stubbles or medium-length hair, it will not have any effect.

Which is Better?

Beard Oil

There is no superiority between these two products, as they serve different purposes. Hence, there is no real verdict on which product is better to invest in.

However, we do recommend using the products together for even better beard care.

Beard oil is a daily mantra, while beard balm is an occasional indulgence.

You can also use these products one after the other on certain days. A perfect beard routine would look like this:

Start with a good shower session, wash your beard with a quality beard wash, towel-pat your beard, and apply beard oil to nourish the beard pores, prevent skin drying, and eliminate flakiness.

After dressing up, apply a pea-sized dose of beard balm to smooth out your beard, get rid of stray and fly hairs, and make your beard look uniform and well-groomed.

This will make you look majestic!


After reading this article, we hope it has given you a better idea about beard oil vs. beard balm and what your next investment should be in terms of making your beard look better and more masculine!

Written by: Ridhiman Das Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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