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Body Scan Meditation to Release Tension and Stress

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Meditation is a huge concept that encompasses several methods and techniques that can be performed by men to reap desired results in order to improve their physical and mental health. Today we are going to make you acquainted with yet another helpful meditation technique i.e. Body Scan Meditation.

Men often carry a lot of physical pain and mental stress because of their work pressure or even to balance out demand personal and professional affairs. This internal stress and excretion often lead to sudden and prolonged health conditions such as high Blood Pressure, Heart Stroke, Depression, etc when overlooked for a longer duration. Thus, Men need to keep regular checks on their mental and physical health by connecting with their body parts and brain through a deep scan or observance practice that helps in identifying as well as releasing the pain and mental stress. This is all possible with Body Scan Meditation.

Body Scan Meditation is a technique to create a direct connection with different body parts through focusing on them and creating awareness to be able to release tension, pain, and congestion.

The best thing about Body Scan Meditation is that it is quite easy to perform especially for men who are busy with work, or traveling to meetings or involved in a lot of thinking work. A man has to secure 10-15 minutes out of their hectic schedules to perform this technique and a comfortable sitting or lying area. This meditation can be performed in between meetings, or when traveling by chauffer-driven car or even in the airplane, in case someone is traveling for work or leisure.

Method to perform Body Scan Meditation:

Start with finding a comfortable sitting or lying place where you can relax your body and a silent ambiance that allows you to focus on your mind and different body parts without any external disturbance.

Body scan meditation is sequenced from head to toe where you need to first concentrate on the crown area of your head and spend a few seconds concentrating on the same spot.

Now start shifting your focus to different body parts in chronological order like forehead, brows, nose, tongue, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs, and feet.

You need to carefully notice each body part to understand how it feels like pain, congestion, or any stress. Once you feel any hindrance in any of the body parts, imagine that you are releasing that blockage with deep breathing and relaxing that particular body part.

Factors to keep in mind

You can increase the effect of the body scan meditation by combining it with any kind of healing sounds or notes as it raises the vibrations in your body that lead to a higher effect on each body that you concentrate on. You can play any preferred healing sounds like mantras, crystal alchemy bowls and or any slow music that you find soothing.

If you are a beginner and not quite familiar with meditation then you can start with a guided meditation session where an expert helps you in concentrating on each body part and the right process to release the blockage as it can assure you that you are performing the technique in the right way with assured results.

Though body scan meditation seems quite simple, however, it is tricky at the same time as it takes time to be able to focus on each body part separately with patience and without diverting your attention. It takes time to gain expertise over a period of time. So you need to be patient, easy-going and open-minded without getting impatient or restless in case of no results in the beginning.

Concluding Thoughts

It is quite a simple and effective routine to include in the hectic lifestyle that gives you peace, energy and freshness in the middle of your day. Therefore, stay focused, patient and true to this ritual for internal and external wellness. Although any type of meditation will provide you that peace and stress relief that you have been looking for, Body Scan Meditation will be the right way to go for it as it reaches for each part of your body and releases it from the stress it has been holding for so long.

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