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Practice Meditation with these Simple techniques

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Incorporating any practice into a routine can be challenging, especially meditation as it is something absolutely alike to our modern haphazard lifestyle, hectic schedules, and curious nature. Meditation is a practice to create awareness and mindfulness i.e ability to be present, to rest in the here and now, fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment through deep concentration. It requires dedication, a strong mindset and a set of techniques to adopt it in the daily life routine. Basically, meditation is a bicep-curl for inner resolve and strength for men without any dumbbells or equipment.

If we were to highlight the advantages of meditation then there is a whole long list that includes benefits of meditation ranging from physical health to mental growth to healing to bringing perspective into life. The benefits of meditation reflect all spheres of life with better appearance, lesser diseases, stronger ability to make decisions, less anger, as well as more self-awareness.

Meditation increases productivity, better thinking process as well as infusing more creativity and problem-solving techniques. In the work area, meditation is being widely adopted by various entrepreneurs, CEOs, CXOs, Sports Personalities, office culture, School and Higher education curriculum to supplement the results in everything and anything that is practiced by them.

However, getting into the routine of meditation is certainly difficult but it is also true that it is not impossible. There are some basic techniques to learn and put meditation into a habit. These steps followed in chronological order can help you in slipping into the mode of meditation. However, the crux lies in following them in the best possible manner and being true to the routine. It is said that if any practice is followed for 21 days without any break then it becomes a healthy habit. So we would suggest following these techniques at least for 21 days to see the magic.

Here is the list of techniques- 

Set an objective-

As it is given that meditation can have multiple benefits in one’s life thus you need to select your objective to get into the mediation routine and what you really like to seek from it for instance healing from any physical or mental trauma, mindfulness, calmness, more physical health or faster ability to respond to the critical situations. While the objective can be anything and very personal so you need to set an agenda for your routine. If you don’t have any personal motive or label to stick to your meditation practice then also it is absolutely okay as it doesn’t need to be associated with any outcome and still, you will be able to garner results in your overall well-being. 

Decide Time & Place-

Any routine is successful when you are persistent in it, likewise, meditation seeks a consistency that can be achieved with a dedicated time and place for it. You must finalize a favorable time and place to practice it. Having a dedicated place and time firstly helps you in making meditation a part of your life. The time should be dedicated to practicing meditation without any personal or official disturbance, no phone calls to reply, no meetings to attend or TV/ OTT, these few minutes should be taken out for the practice.   

The place you choose should be comfortable, peaceful and relaxing which helps you in getting into the meditation mode. It should allow you to relax and concentrate with no external disturbance.


Your attire also plays a pivotal role in practicing meditation routine. You should wear comfortable clothes that allow you proper breathing and let you go in a deeper mode of concentration. The fabric material and its design must be soft and comfortable enough to allow you to stay in one position for a longer duration. It should not be clingy, sweaty or irritating in any manner. It can be a pajama or track pants or Indian wear that gives your entire body space to feel the in and out of breathing as tight fitted clothes can create barriers by giving you difficulties in sitting or concentrating.


In the beginning, you should start with the duration that your mind and body allows. You should aim for five minutes as it can be a little challenging to maintain the posture for a longer duration. It is said that when you know the timing of any practice or regime that you follow, it becomes easier to begin and your body understands the same thereby allowing you to follow for the same, rather than going for a longer duration when your body and mind are new to it. Once you start with five minutes, slowly and gradually when you get into the practice, you automatically reach up to new levels and stretch it up to 10 -20-30 minutes. 

Once at a time

It is rightly said that smaller steps help you in going a long way and the same method is applicable in meditation as well. You should start with practicing the meditation process a few times a day. Don’t expect yourself to sit down and achieve enlightenment or even relaxation after the first session. It takes time to get into the zone of calmness and concentration. It will be possible that during the first few days or in the first week, you may feel challenged to attain the sense of relaxation but it doesn’t mean you can’t practice meditation ever. It takes the first few days to finally hit the nail. Meditation is definitely very personal to everyone depending upon their lifestyle, thinking process and ability to concentrate. Let your journey be your guide and you’ll improve over time.


Practicing mediation can be unique to everyone, one might be able to achieve the sense of nirvana sooner than others or one might take time to achieve the sense of relaxation. However, what is important is to stay mindful of the regime. Be mindful about the objective and maintain the awareness that you need to follow what you have started. You need to maintain the thought process that you have to follow with ease to achieve the final results. 


Rushing is not a mantra to practice meditation instead ease and mindfulness are the best ways to prepare yourself to achieve greater heights with positive outcomes in meditation. Starting today and staying committed for a longer duration are the keys.

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