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How to follow up on new fitness regime?

Let’s face it: you’re either hibernating or putting off getting in shape, and you’re fooling yourself about it. Men are accustomed to prolonging their fitness regimes simply for this reason. Not getting enough time to workout or not being consistent enough to follow a workout schedule. You make plans, and at that moment you are super excited; however, plans don’t turn into actions. If you are not consistent enough in working out, you are bound to lose gains that can deter you from following a rigid workout schedule. You need to push yourself to make a fitness regime that actually works, as every workout counts! A single day of exercise boosts blood flow and oxygen in our bodies. Here is what you need to keep in mind while following up on your new fitness regime:

Importance of following a fitness regime

Having a fitness regime is as important as going to the doctor for treatment. Having set goals and a dedicated workout schedule helps in combating under- or over-training. You may be hitting the gym every day but not getting precise results because you aren’t planning well. Sometimes you are just overwhelmed and give your heart out in the gym, and the next day you are completely lost in the gym. Having a fitness regime will not only help you be accountable for your planned goals but also help you combat inconsistent workout plans.

Assess your Fitness level 

Before making a fitness regime it is important to first assess yourself. Assessing your current fitness level is beneficial for monitoring your workout results. If you are obese, you should watch your calorie intake, and if you are athletic, you should watch your muscle gain. Tracking your progress and planning well will help you achieve results. How much time does it take you to run a mile on a treadmill? Or how many pushups are you able to do in a day? Every small assessment matters, as being fit is a journey. You can work on your flexibility according to your body composition. Analyze and work hard!

No Pain, No gain

People always feel intimidated by others who are in great shape because they want perfect bodies. Getting in shape requires commitment and consistency. Pushing your bodies beyond a particular point may cause micro-tears in your muscles, but eventually makes you stronger. Tears may hurt like hell, and every morning you don’t want to get out of bed, but as they say, No pain, no gain. 

Change in Appetite

When your daily energy use goes up all of a sudden, the hunger hormone Ghrelin goes up. This makes you feel more hungry. Proper intake of water before and after a diet is essential. Eat according to your nutrition demands. Maintaining a strict diet according to your fitness regime is essential, as diet plays an important part in your fitness journey. Either avoiding food or eating an excessive amount of food will stifle your growth. You need to maintain a balanced diet to see results.

Design your Fitness program

Focus on the below-mentioned points when designing your fitness program:

Creating a balanced routine

Starting slow and gaining momentum over a period of time

Integrating an effective workout by adding different activities

Give your body time to recover.

Sleep well

A good fitness regime is incomplete without some sleep. Sleep is essential for recovery. 7-8 hours of sleep are necessary for your body to recover and start fresh the next day. Working out creates an adrenaline rush that may get you excited and interfere with your sleep. Try adding extra carbs to your nighttime diet, which boosts sleep hormones. Rest well, work well!

In A Nutshell

Fitness is a lifelong journey, and it’s about becoming the best version of yourself. Planning well and monitoring your progress are fundamental aspects of improving your gains. Don’t just work out; plan and workout. Having an accountable workout partner will boost your confidence and give you results. Be driven and focused. Plan a fitness regime, and in months you will see your body transforming.

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