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Workout Easy on the Knees, High on Impact

You’ll need to understand that there is no magical wand that will get your workout going for you once you wave it, but working hard and pushing yourself will get you workout and your physique going in no time but what would be the benefit of such a workout that only causes pain and your knees to be on the mercy of the workout, when it should be the other way around.

We all have been raised with the motto no pain, no gain but exercise isn’t one thing you want to add to this category. Training is painful but it shouldn’t last for long durations. If they do, then you should limit yourself to low impact training or see a medical consultant.

To ease the pain on your knees here are some highly effective exercises.

Lateral walk

Walking laterally will attack butt and hip muscles. You need to start in a partial squat position. With your right foot take a big step to the right and follow with the left. Take a few steps similarly in the same direction. With your left foot take a step and consecutively follow your right foot until you have returned to the starting position. If your knee still experiences pain, wear a knee cap while working out.

Kettlebell swing

A weakness in gluteus muscles and hamstrings can also result in knee pain. This exercise will target them.

Hold the kettlebell swing with both hands and open your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees to the partial squat position. Bend forward to place the kettlebell between your legs. Get back and use the momentum stored in the chest. Do not lock your knees while in the process.

Toe raises / calf raises

As the name suggests, this exercise helps you to strengthen your calf muscles and along with that they also improve balance and running speed. The biggest benefit is that calf raises are injury-free.

Open you8r feet wide apart, raise your heels from the ground and slowly bring them back to the ground maintaining your balance. And weights to improvise your regime. Do at least 3 sets to 20-30 reps each.

Bridge on Ball

Bridge on the ball can target your hip and butt region without putting any significant pressure on your knees.

To perform this exercise you need to lie on your back with your hands straight and to the side, while your legs resting on the top of the stability ball. Secondly, press your gluteus muscles and abs, also press your heels in the ball as you lift your butt above the ground. Try got form a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Now hold this position. From the top squeeze your gluteus muscles and lower your butt to return to the starting position.

Inner and outer thigh leg lifts

This exercise will tone your thighs and strengthen them as well. To carry out the exercise you need to lie on the floor to the side and straighten the leg on the rear. Bend the leg on the top and prop your head. Will your might in the core and with the strength of your inner thighs lift the bottom leg and return it to the floor. Do reps of 15 with each leg. Straighten your upper leg for outer thighs and repeat the process.

Finally, to know your weakness and work upon it is what makes you strong. Keep working out and fuel your regime with such low impact exercises to keep the steam running.

One such sport is cycling for ones who care too much for joint pains.

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