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Women-led Businesses that work for Men

March 8th is International Women’s Day and the time when we celebrate the power of women and what all they have done for us. Whether your woman is just a homemaker or a career-oriented woman, it is the time to empower her and understand her contributions to society. We need to provide them the equality they have been wanting for a long time, as they are coming up with innovative business ideas and ventures that no one had expected.

A lot of female entrepreneurs are coming up in the business world and a lot of women led businesses are turning out to be successful. There is no doubt that if you want to run a business, you have to burn the night lamp. There is no easy way out. Whether it is about creating a business plan or finding investors for your venture, you have to be the best at everything.

And women are turning out to be that. There is no doubt that women led businesses are turning out to be far more innovative as well as successful. No matter what their target audience is, they are working on it and are proving to be at the top.

While a lot of businesses led by women are targeting the female audience, making sure that they are comfortable in their day to day lives, there are a lot of businesses led by women that have been focusing on men. Whether it is about skincare, clothes or even dating, they have covered it all, as they are understanding what men want in their lives.

Such women, who have been focussing on men and making them their target audience are commendable and we would certainly like to give them a heads up as they move forward. So, here is a list of such women-led businesses that have made men their target customers, instead of men. Have a look:


You might think that Bumble is just like any other dating app where you can find your match and start dating a woman. However, Bumble is far different and has features which other dating apps don’t have.

Found by Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble was created in a different manner as well as to empower women. Even though the ball is in the women’s court, while deciding whom they want to message after they have messaged and when. A man can show that they are definitely interested in having the conversation by extending their matches.

Apart from that, it is not just a dating app, but also an app where you can also make friends or grow your business. Business is a whole social network where people can come up for various reasons.


Owned by Shibani Bhagat, 7-10 is the new rage in the country, providing fashionable sneakers for both, men as well as women, along the unisex tees. This new homegrown sneaker brand is quite fashion focused and aims to shake up the sneaker world. Much before 7-10, Shibani had founded Divaat, a fast fashion and e-commerce portal and co-founded Curto, a menswear multi-designer store.

For one pair of sneakers, the material used is various kinds of PU or Polyurethane, synthetic suede, air mesh, and translucent PVC. There are a variety of styles provided by 7-10 when it comes to sneakers, such as classic low tops to graphic high tops and designer chunkys. Any sneaker fan is certainly provided with the perfect pair of sneakers no matter what type of sneakers he wants to go for.

Apart from the sneakers, they also have unisex tees that anyone can go for at an affordable price.  


Women are always expected to take care of their intimate hygiene. But what about men? Well, sisters Ananya and Anushree Maloo took care of that part very well by founding their company NuutJob, which is all about taking care of men’s intimate hygiene.

The sisters recently won a deal of 25 lakhs for 20% equity on ‘Shark Tank India’ and they couldn’t be happier. Although they are first cousins, they started this venture together and got this idea when they saw that men have a hard time in maintaining good hygiene and it is much less talked about.

They have an online store and provide all the types of products that a man would require to maintain his intimate hygiene.


When it comes to men’s skincare, most of them hardly think about it and shrug it away as if they don’t need it. However, the truth is that men need to take care of their skin as much as women do. Just washing your face with water is not exactly men’s skincare. This is exactly what the founders of OARS + ALPS, Mia Duchnowski and Laura Cox were worried about when it came to their husbands’ skincare and came up with this venture.

OARS + ALPS has been expanding its products from just a few items to a variety of skincare products ranging from bar soap and body wash to face washes and deodorants. Apart from that, you can easily get an amazing moisturiser, a facial cleansing stick and a high-quality deodorant at an affordable price.

Whether a man has a sophisticated lifestyle or has an adventurous one, this company has made all types of products for them to keep their skin well-maintained.

Stitch Fix

Founder of Stitch Fix, Katrina Lake started her venture from college. In fact, she gave out her first order while still in college, from her Cambridge apartment. She has now created her start up into a successful global brand. The idea behind the business was to bring personal styling to the world with the help of great taste, some amazing stylists along with clever algorithms.

The company has an ecommerce site from where you can shop and take a quick quiz to get your stitch. Stitch Fix will run you through a handful of quick questions to determine your taste as well as your budget. Next, the company will send your regular shipment of apparels, tailored to your preferences. However, You can keep what you want and send back the rest.

Through this the stylists as well as the algorithms understands your taste as well as your preferences. Apart from men’s apparel, Stitch Fix has clothes for women and children as well.

Comme Des Garcons

Founder Rei Kawakubo started her career in fashion as a stylist at first. However, soon she decided to start her own line in fashion and came up with Comme Des Garcons, which in English means ‘Like Some Boys’. However, at first, it was a women’s clothing line!

After nine years of Comme Des Garcons, she decided to add a men’s clothing line and has helped in defining men’s fashion. Apart from women and men’s fashion, she is also focused on kid’s clothing and has an online fashion store providing apparels for all. Along with clothes, she is also providing shoes, sneakers accessories as well as watches for all.


The above given founders of successful companies have certainly given us career goals that all women should meet at a certain point of time. These female entrepreneurs didn’t just lead their companies to success but also showed that even a woman can ensure that a man is taken care of through their work.

We know that it is not easy to create a business venture. Even thinking of an innovative business idea takes up a lot of time and energy and when it comes to working on it, is whole another story. It takes a lot of time, energy and especially money when you want to bag a new business venture. Finding investors for your business is also very difficult as half of them don’t believe that your business idea will work. And they definitely don’t want to waste their money.

However, these women have proved everyone wrong by showing that they can make their business working by pulling days and nights together. They had no time to rest or relax. And their work shows that. These empowering women and their stories certainly makes us believe that any woman with a unique business idea can make it happen if she works hard.

While women-led businesses are all over the world now, proving to be successful more than ever, these are some of the female entrepreneurs that chose to work especially for men. Whether a clothing brand, a skincare brand or something else, they are making sure that they give their 100% into their work so that their customers get the best of products and services. Now who wouldn’t call such women empowered? Well, do call them and wish them the best for their professional life as well as personal. Happy International Women’s Day!

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