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Winter Skin Care tips for Men

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

It is often seen that if there’s a skin care talk it generally revolves around women, but men face skin issues too that should be taken care of. Winter is an amazing season with good sunlight that keeps us warm and cozy but it also is a season that brings lots of skin issues. Irrespective of your gender, you should also look after the skin in this cold and dry weather to avoid various skin issues.

Winter is considered to be one of the most loved seasons in which we all enjoy the hot coffee, warm sunlight, tea, cozy weather, hoodies, warm food and what not, but in all of that you skip the skin care. Applying any moisturizer in winters can damage the skin cells and cause itching, dryness to the skin, which in men becomes a common thing in winters. In winters, skin itself becomes rough, dehydrated, and that’s why you should be more careful about your skin health.

Now, in the present time the tables have turned, and men are also becoming aware about maintaining good skin health. There are many skin care products that have been made specially according to the skin requirements. Always use products that are suitable for your skin as any random product can lead to uneven skin and dermal problems.

Through research, it is found that men are more prone to dry and itchy skin during the winters. Therefore, taking these problems seriously and taking care of skin is an essential part of health. Having good and hydrated skin is a must irrespective of season, but in winters it becomes slightly more essential.

Here are some of the solutions that can be an effective way to look after your skin in winters-

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not particularly meant to be used in summers only. Consider its use in winters too. The sunlight in winter is keeping you warm but its harmful UV rays can damage the skin, if exposed for long hours without applying sunscreen.

Apply Moisturiser

Moisturising your skin is a god skin care routine.

Using good moisturiser or hydrating creams can easily heal the dry, rough, itchy, skin. Moreover, applying it effectively can provide instant relief from rashes and other winter adversities. It also keeps skin hydrated and glowy, which is a concern in winters for a healthy skin.

Good Face Wash

Don’t clean your face with just water but apply face wash too. That helps to clean blocked pores, oil particles, and provides good and pleasant skin.

Exfoliate Less

You should avoid doing much of exfoliation as most of the dead skin cells are removed by shaving. So don’t overdo exfoliation in winters as it can cause rashes on the skin during winters.

Use Of Shaving Cream Is A Must

Use of shaving cream is a good skin care routine.

Using good shaving cream can prevent rough skin in winters. When the skin is already more prone to itchiness, roughness, not using shaving cream properly can only add to these issues. After shaving, apply a good after-shave lotion to provide ease to the skin from irritation.

Avoid Long Showers

It feels good to take long hot showers in the winter, but too much of it can be harmful for the skin. At that particular time it feels relaxing but should be done within a limit. One thing to be kept in mind while taking a hot shower, is that the temperature should not be very high in order to prevent skin from being damaged.

Beard Oil

In winters stick to good beard oil if you have long and thick beard. It helps to nourish skin and facial hair while maintaining a well groomed beard.

Use Of Balms

Make use of lip balm more often as it helps lips to stay hydrated. Always go for a good and chemical free lip balm so that it can prevent lips from rough weather.


For healthy skin, it is important to follow a good skin care routine that saves you from breakouts. Your skin needs to be treated well as it is obvious that when you feel good about your skin, the happiness reflects on your face. Following a good skincare routine not only hydrates and moisturises your outer dermal layer well but soothes it from inside. A healthy skin is a sign of a healthy man. When your skin glows, you receive nothing but appreciation and feel confident. Ain’t it everyone’s goal to feel good and confident in one’s own skin?

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