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Which Leather jacket do you like? Know the different types!

The leather jacket has been a staple of winter fashion for longer than we can even remember. It is considered to be one of the coolest-looking jacket styles and has not changed in style since its dawn. But did you know that there are quite a few variations of this jacket? Ridhiman Das has done his homework and has come up with a guide to what is available and what is currently trending.

The leather jacket has been one of the coolest style staples of all. Hence, without further ado, here are the types of leather jackets that you should look out for in 2022!

Bomber leather jacket

The bomber style jacket is currently one of the hottest trends in winter fashion. But did you know that the bomber style actually originated as a leather jacket? The bomber leather jacket was traditionally used by skilled aviators or pilots. It was introduced as a practical jacket that was known for being warm and durable.

This style of leather jacket can be purchased as part of a cool vintage collection or in the current modern renditions, which are trendy and fashionable. They have a simple design that includes only one zipper in the main body for closure and the iconic folded collar design.

If you are looking for good quality bomber jackets then your go-to affordable option would be Zara but if you are willing to shell out a little more for an even better return on investment, Schott NYC would be your best bet in that segment.

Biker leather jacket

“Cool” is an understatement when it comes to the leather biker jacket! It has the most iconic of looks and is the first image that comes to everyone’s mind when the word “leather jacket” is mentioned. Considering its name, the biker jacket can be worn by anyone and is not restricted to you being a biker or not.

Although, considering its history, the biker jacket was first introduced for bikers and bike racers to keep riders warm and also protect them in times of crashes or accidents, making them extremely durable and safe. It also served as protection against the climate, such as strong winds, rain, and snow.

The style of this jacket is quite different from other leather jackets. Its torso has a straight cut and is cut rather short, giving it a body-hug fit. There are also various types of pockets, adorned with chains and zippers, which serve a purpose but also enhance the up-cool factor of the jacket. However, the most defining feature of this leather jacket are the collars, which are big with lapels and folded halfway across the jacket.

Tom Ford has established himself as one of if not the best when it comes to fashionable and good quality make of the classic biker jacket.

Racer leather jacket

The Racer jacket is the sexier sibling of the already stylish Biker jacket. You can consider this a modern rendition of the classic biker jacket. However, unlike the biker jacket, the racer does not have an illustrious history, nor was it made for any particular purpose except fashion. Hence, it does play the role of being a fashionable leather jacket quite well and can be a part of anyone’s wardrobe.

The racer leather jacket has a more modern and sleek appearance and, like the biker jacket, is cut short at the hips. It is primarily distinguished by its collar, which has a cool snap-tab collar. The jacket is mostly minimalistic in its design and became popular after the Second World War when veterans started racing their fixed-up motorcycles and cars. These jackets are also known by the name “café racer jacket.”

Belstaff has some really trendy looking ones when it comes to premium quality racer jackets. But when it comes to minimalistic, trendy and affordable racer jackets then, H&M is your go to option.

Flight leather jacket

This jacket is an upgraded take on the bomber jacket. The flight jacket gained popularity during World War I, where it served as utility clothing for aviators. It had added enhancements for better functionality, curated for pilots. They are now considered a premium fashion trend, not only among men but also among women.

The flight jacket’s main distinction from the bomber is its increased warmth. While the bomber jackets were already warm and durable, the wool layering inside made the flight jackets even warmer. Traditionally made with sheepskin, these jackets worked as a blanket for the wearers. Apart from that, the flight jacket had a big collar with lapels and consisted of one big zipper in the front of the enclosure.

Lewis leathers have the best to offer when it comes to flight jackets.

Leather blazer or coat

The leather blazer is a fashionable replacement for the traditional type of coat. Although not conventionally seen much in the men’s fashion segment, it is a style statement that is sure to turn heads. But if you want to rock a complete retro, 80s look, then going for a leather coat rather than a blazer would be an even better option. The leather coat is an absolutely stylish piece of winter fashion, and its length makes it great to protect yourself during the long winter months.

Leather blazers and coats exist for the sole purpose of fashion, so you can expect the best of quality leather. They are generally made from lambskin or goatskin to give them a soft texture while also keeping you warm. They also come in some unusual styles, such as those with fur collars and extra buckles for high-fashion outfits.

Swedish label Acne studios has made their name for quite some time with their leather apparel. We also have designer label Zadig & Voltaire to provide us some premium-finish leather coats and blazers.

Fringe leather jacket

The fringe leather jacket is a quirky one but has reasons for its vibrant style. The style was originally inspired by Native American cowboys, who used the fringed jacket to protect themselves from the rain. The fringes that were stitched on to the hems and sleeves offered protection in the way that they would prevent rainwater from soaking through the fabric. They’re making a comeback as a fashion statement rather than rain protection in the current fashion scene.

They are available in all assortments of styles and are a great addition to your wardrobe if you plan on becoming a trendsetter at your next party or event. The fringes can be customised to varying lengths and to specific places on the jacket, depending, of course, on one’s taste and preference.

Saint laurent has always been one of the go-to brands surrounding premium leather apparels.

Faux leather jacket

Also, it can be considered the environmentally friendly cousin of leather. Faux leather is now the more commonly available type of leather style, and there are valid reasons for that to be so! While real leather results in using animal skin to produce it, which affects the animals and the environment in a substantial way, faux leather is instead produced with the combination of various materials such as wax, polyurethane, and dye to create the same type of leather material. This makes them far more affordable when compared to actual leather, as the production time is cut short by a significant amount.

They are also available in various styles, such as the biker jacket, bomber jacket, etc., similar to the leather ones. This makes faux leather an affordable and environmentally friendly option for a leather jacket.


Leather jackets can never go wrong when it comes to effortless fashion in the winter. They work fantastically in casual outfits, and if not equally well, they are also great in professional outfits. Investing in a good-quality one gives you great returns for several years to come. Now that you know about the different types and styles available with the help of BFH’s guide, go get yourself one that suits your style perfectly!

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