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The Best Ways For Men To Style A Bandana

Bandanas have evolved beyond their traditional aspects. Besides their identity, bandanas have utility, such as dust, wind, and sun protection.

In this article, we dwell on the historical significance of the bandana for men. Besides, we bring you the best ways to tie bandanas and the top ten bandanas for men that will upgrade your wardrobe accessories.


What is a bandana?

The bandana for men is a timeless classic that has been revived in today's fashion world. They are small triangular or square pieces of cloth that can be worn around the neck, the wrists, or as hair accessories.

One can usually find them featuring white paisley prints. However, in the present changing fashion sense, bandanas have become more modern with versatility in designs.

A brief history of the bandana

Why is it called a bandana?

Bandanas are the anglicized versions of the Indian art form, bandhani, which translates to ‘‘tied cloth.’’

The Westernization of the Indian Bandhani

Although the bandana’s lightweight and ease of use made it a popular export to the Western world, its symbolism in the political world made it a further embodiment of iconic accessories. With patterns of political interests such as flag bandanas in times of campaigns in the Western world and statements of individualism, bandanas have been rigid throughout history.

However, it doesn't necessarily mean wearing a bandana is essentially a motivation for social elements. It is because its versatility as a kerchief, a face mask, etc. has made it quite popular among cowboys, workers, and various sections of common people too.

What are bandanas made of?

Traditional bandanas for men are typically woven with fabrics such as cotton and silk. Besides, these fabrics were of red and blue color and were printed with a curved teardrop, aka paisley design, in solid colors such as white.

How and when are bandanas worn?

Bandanas can be worn at various occasions; however, they are more restricted to informal and casual outings. Bandanas can pair up as a face mask during your dusty tours. Besides, they can bail you out of a sweaty forehead during physical activities.

In addition to their functional roles, bandanas also serve as a fashion accessory, whether it is a bracelet or a back pocket bandana. Let's dig into these in a while when learning how to wear a bandana.

Types of bandana styles for different occasions

Broadly, bandanas for men can be put into three categories for their usage.

Workout Bandana

Bandanas for men can play the role of different accessories. Bandanas such as headbands can be put into these categories because of their functionality. For instance, bandanas for headbands can be a good addition to keep sweaty workouts at bay.

Neck Bandana

Neck bandanas are another traditional aspect of wearing a bandana for men. However, they fall more into the fashion statement category than convenience and functionality. For example, bandanas as neck bands add a touch of casual style to men.

Novelty Bandana

Besides the conventional head and neck bandana, men's woven bandana has grown to become more innovative for self-expression. Thus, in the third category, bandanas are reliably a source of identity. With a range of colors and patterns, bandanas for men have reached a level that is quite a classic must-have wardrobe accessory.

How should a man wear a bandana?

Now that you are aware of the different styles and uses of bandanas, let's get to know the status of bandanas as a famous fashion accessory, besides learning how a man should wear a bandana.

Are bandanas still in style?

Before knowing how to wear a bandana, it may be essential for you to know if bandanas for men still fit in with the trends.

Although bandanas have been in style since forever, they are never really outdated. However, one thing you can keep in mind while styling a bandana is that there has been change in the ways the bandanas are being worn. So, it isn't about the bandana still being in style, but rather how to wear it to keep yourself classy and trendy at the same time.

How do I wear a men's bandana?

Neckerchief style

The Neckerchief bandana style has been revived in the fashion industry. And a range of versatility in neckerchief styling options is accessible.

  • Knot-type bandanas are all about getting a stylish, messy look. You can fold your bandana into a rectangle and tie it around your neck with a knot at the front.

  • Cowboy style can be attained by shifting the bandana into a triangular shape and tying a loose knot on the back.

  • In addition, you can pull the cowboy-style bandana into the collar of the shirt for another trendy variation.

Headband style

The Headband bandana style can be flaunted in two trendy ways.

  • A standard headband gives an edgy element to your outfit. All you need to do is fold the bandana to get a rectangular band. And tie it to your forehead with a knot on the back.

  • The overhead headband is a variation of the standard headband. To obtain it, fold the bandana only once to get a triangular shape. Now tie it as such, covering your hair completely. Such a makeshift headband will give you sun protection while elevating your casual style.

Backpocket style

To attain this cool look, all you need to do is let your bandana hang loose from the end of your backpocket. The reason guys wear bandanas in their back pockets is to show off their affiliations or fashion statements. Besides, it is also quite practical in the sense of wiping or cleaning hands, or so.

Bracelet style

If you love keeping your wrists decorated, a bandana for men can be a great option. Fold up your bandana into layers and tie it to your wrist with a delicate knot.

The masked version

The added benefit of bandanas is that they work well against environmental elements. All you need to do is take a triangular-folded bandana and tie it to your face below the eyes.

Square Pocket

If you are looking to replace your empty pockets, bandanas for men will replace your regular pockets. Fold your bandana into a small rectangular or triangular shape that you desire, slowly fit it into your pockets, and flaunt it.

The best bandanas make any situation more stylish

Bandanas for men Elevate your occasional casual outfit to your premium shirts in the wardrobe. So, make use of these top ten editor picks for men's bandana collections and up your fashion game.

Editors picks for the best bandanas for men:

Levi's Men's Printed Bandana

This classic bandana has a transitional paisley print and is available in a timeless black-and-white color. It is made of 100% cotton and can be paired with a solid white or black shirt to elevate the look.

Link: Levi's


This Patagonia bandana is one of the best organic cotton bandanas. Its high-quality organic cotton makes it breathable and comfortable, and it is quite suitable for all kinds of styling, whether it is a neckband, headband, or mask.

Elizabetta Neckerchief

This Italian brand offers bandanas of long length, making it the perfect bandana for versatile neck bandanas. These silk bandanas are durable and truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, the use of non-toxic dyes keeps your skin and silk bandanas safe from damage.

Shyface tie dye bandana

Tie-dye bandanas have a bright, fun look, making them a great fashion accessory. The range of dyed colors adds a great vibrancy that suits casual outfits.

Nike Allover Print Bandana

This Nike's bandana is made of 100% polyester and is quite durable. Besides, its Dri Fit technology wicks off moisture and keeps one dry and comfortable.

Link: Nike

Hurley Men's Bandana

The hurley’s headband is made of skin-friendly fabric and is soft on the skin. Also, the breathable fabric makes air flow easy and is therefore quick-drying.

Under Armour Tie Headband

This polyester headband comes with a back knot to hold it in place. It has moisture-wicking features and is suitable for outdoor activities.

Adidas Tennis Bandana

This white bandana is a classic must-have. It is of the overhead type and gives ultimate protection under the sun.

Superdry Bandana Scarf

This superdry bandana is the ultimate accessory for dust protection. It has vintage-inspired print designs that add texture to the cloth.

Link: Superdry

Tough Headwear

These paisley-printed bandanas are large and perfectly sized for use. They block the harsh elements and can be styled as a bracelet, etc., as the length allows them to add layers to the wrist.


Bandanas for men have cultural significance, and they are integrated into the present fashion world for their individuality and representation.

Bandanas can be worn in different styles, such as a neckband, a handband, or a bracelet.

Various brands that get you to embrace the bandana for men trend include Levi's, Hurley, Superdry, and Tough Headwear.

Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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