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How to Style a Shacket for Men

How to style a shacket for men

Men's fashion trends have a fair share of versatility, balancing fashion and comfort. And men's shackets have evolved to be the perfect art of these core fashion elements.

Men's shackets are timeless classics that have emerged as a wardrobe staple with no boundaries of seasons or time itself. Especially with the trend of shackets being made from a variety of fabrics, ranging from traditional cotton and wool to unique corduroy and flannel, they transcend the limits of seasonal wear.

In this article, we bring you a compilation of insightful tips and tricks to ace this timeless classic wardrobe, along with listings of the don'ts with men's shackets to save you from a fashion mishap. Also, we have listed some of the best men's shackets that would be a great part of your wardrobe.

What is a shacket?

How to style a shacket for men

Shackets, also called shirt jackets, are fashion accessories born out of necessity. And they are truly a staple wardrobe for the transitional seasons.

Men's shackets are an innovative blend of shirts and jackets. They resemble the features of a jacket, such as well-made buttons and pockets; however, they carry the silhouette of a shirt, thereby blending the sophisticated style of a jacket with the comfort of a shirt.

In terms of dressing style, men's shackets fall under the category of layered clothing. However, you can always use it as an undercoat in chilly weather.

What makes a good overshirt?

How to style a shacket for men

While shopping for an overshirt, look for these three essential features.

Durable fabric

Since overshirts add to the external layering, they need to be made durable to protect against harsh elements. Linen or tightly woven cotton twill would hold the overshirt well. But if you are adding overshieta to your winter collection, fine wool fabric is the choice to go for.

Right fitting

The golden rule of clothing is indeed the right fit. And overshirts are no exception, either. Opt for something between a snuggle fit and a loose fit, as overshirts need to be relaxed and provide you with free movement.


As previously noted, whether it is an overshirt or a shacket, they both carry a glimpse of jackets. And when it comes to functionality, the jacket's versatile pocket feature is something to be a part of an ideal overshirt. Hence, look for the right size and number of pockets to carry everything at your fingertips. 

Key Points for Choosing a Shacket or a Shirt Jacket

How to style a shacket for men

To ace the perfect shacket or the shirt jacket, look out for these three elements.


Shackets resemble the core of jackets with their pocket design. Within it, you can look for the chest pockets for a formal look, whereas the side pockets go well for sporty attire. In some cases, shackets are designed with both of them, making them the most versatile attire.


Similar to the overshirt, shackets need a durable material. Usually, heavy-weight cotton is a great fabric for a shacket.

Relaxed Silhouette

Shackets need to carry a jacket silhouette; however, they need not be as restrictive as them. Shackefs need to be fluid enough to be worn above an outfit and still allow movement. 

What's the difference between a shacket and an overshirt?

How to style a shacket for men

Another term that appears in men's fashion dictionaries along with men's shackets is the men's overshirt. Although these terms are usually interchanged, a basic difference exists between them.

Shackets and overshirts harmonize the features of both the jacket and shirt. However, in a hybrid comparison with overshirts, shackets are more jacket-like. And overshirts are more shirt-like.

To be precise, shackets are sturdy and usually carved out of heavyweight fabrics. Whereas, overshirts are lightweight in nature. Also, men's shackets are of great comfort in chilly weather, whereas overshirts are suitable for mild temperatures.

Another feature is shacket utilities—all the essentials of a jacket, such as pockets, a firm outline, etc. In comparison, overshirts have the casualness of a shirt.

What Are Some Different Types of Shackets?

How to style a shacket for men

Men's shackets can be classified based on their versatile fabric and patterns. Check out these shacket types to find the one that fits your needs.

Plaid Shacket

Men's shackets utilize a range of color patterns. However, the plaid pattern suits well as it brings out a complementary look to a layered outfit. Besides, the plaid pattern, when combined with rich woolen fabric, creates harmonious attire.

Fleece Shacket

Men's shackets come in a range of fabrics, and fleece shackets are a great bet for the winter. Fleece fabric is lightweight and keeps you warm at the same time. Hence, to add insulation later to the outfit for the chilling weather while also fulfilling comfort, fleece shackets are the best out there.

Wool Shirt Jackets

Wool shirt jackets are one of the best options that serve the purpose of fashion and comfort. Since the woolen fabric takes care of the body's warmth, one can go for a plain and minimalistic approach without the need for any other layers.

Indigo and Denim Shirt Jackets

Denim is undoubtedly a cult classic, and this holds true for shackets too. The indigo color of the denim shackets adds a laid-back casualness to the attire. So, don't hesitate to pair it up with your daily outfits to ace the layering game.

Outdoor shirt jackets

Shackets or shirt jackets can be much more than just rocking the winter look. Outdoor shackets are made of lightweight polyester or nylon. Besides, the pocket style and free-flowing fabric provide ease of accessibility and movement. So, keep in mind to look for these qualities to up your outdoor trendy gear.

How to style your men's shacket

How to style a shacket for men

Men's shackets bring versatility to all the outfits. Whether it is a date night or a formal outing, shackets are a great layering element. Try out these men's shacket styles to elevate your fashion statement.

Date Night

Leather-like shackets

These men's shackets allow you to stay comfortable with their lightweight design while maintaining the dashy date night look. One can pair it up with a white t-shirt to complete the attire. 

Formal look

To achieve a formal look, the right fit is a must. If you wish to keep up a more formal look for date nights, you can go for a snuggly t-shirt paired with a well-tailored shacket. 

The casual black

If you wish to tone up an outfit with casualness, you can always pair it up with a black men's shacket. For instance, a simple striped t-shirt can be balanced with the dark-colored layering of a shacket. 

Tanned shackets

Tanned men's shackets can brighten up any dark outfit. So, if you are wearing any of your casual shirts or t-shirts but would like to liven up the fit, then make sure to pair it up with a tanned shacket. 

The Best Date Night Shacket Collection

How to style a shacket for men

H&M: This imitation leather allows you to carry the swag of leather without any hefty weight. Additionally, its flap pockets and adjustable cuffs add a comfortable feel.

Brooks Brothers: The checkered pattern and the fleece lining make this product a great combo of style and comfort for cold weather.

Fugazee: This 100% polyester black layering of this shacket is a match for all your shirts and t-shirts.

Pierre Carlo: Stripes add an elongated appearance to the outfit, besides creating variety. This product's earthy tan look with its stripes can be a great option for a date night.

Casual weekend wear

How to style a shacket for men

Plaid shackets

Plaid shackets use a colored pattern that brings variety to the outfit. In order to balance out the mash-up of colors from the plaid patterns, make sure to match them up with solid bottoms and accessories. This will create a neutral and balanced outfit. 

Wool shackets

Wool shackets are the most practical for chilly climates. And the texture of wool fiber is incomparable, bringing about a rigid look that is perfect for casual weekend wear. 

Beige cotton wear

When it comes to shining with neutral, earthy tones, beige is your best friend. Also, a cotton-textured beige shacket goes well with almost everything. So, whether it is to lighten up an extravagant outfit or to add a sublime touch with the nude earthy color layering, a beige shacket would do it all. 

Corduroy and t-shirts

Corduroy has raised ribbing, which adds texture and visual appeal to its ruggedness. Thus, a corduroy shacket can be paired with a plain t-shirt or shirt to elevate the outfit from basic to smart casual wear.

The best casual weekend shacket collection

Ralph Lauren: This cotton and polyester-backed shacket utilizes a plaid pattern that brightens up any casual outfit.

H&M : This 100% cotton twill fabric themed in beige soothes the flashy outfits.

Todd Snyder: This Italian shirt jacket adds the comfort of woolen fabric. Besides, the T-shirt's cotton twill fabric, themed in beige, soothes flashy outfits.

French Crown: This heavyweight fabric with corduroy fabric that is durable is perfect for the chilly winters.

Comfortable Athleisure and Loungewear

How to style a shacket for men

Denim shackets

Nothing screams comfort in fashion more than denim. And what can go right more than a white shirt and a denim men's shacket? Besides, the denim texture brings edginess to the outfit. This can make you stand out in all the cozy, laid-back settings.

Oversized shackets

Oversized shackets, when paired with casual leggings, bring out the perfect athleisure for men. Besides, oversized men's shackets can be customized with slim pants for a leisurely appearance, or one can take chances with tucked-in or tucked-out styles to bring out variation in the regular attire.

Neutral shackets with shorts

Neutral colors are perfect for casual wear as they merge well with laid-back-themed occasions. And if you style neutral-colored shackets with shorts, they make the ultimate loungewear.

Flannel wear

Flannel fabrics are softer in nature as they blend with various fabrics such as cotton, wool, etc. Also, usually they come in plaid patterns and bring out a variation in casual wear.

The Best Athleisure and Loungewear Shacket Collection

Marks and Spencer: This denim shirt jacket adds a contemporary touch to classic outfits.

Zara: The classic oversized shacket can be paired with athletic wear to add an edgy element.

Rare Rabbit: The polyester and rayon blend shacket effortlessly adds texture to the attire.

Highlander: The checked pattern paired with flannel fabric makes an elite combo for casual wear.

Fashion Tips to Avoid with a Shacket

Don't overcrowd

A common mistake when adding layers is overcrowding. Don't add too many accessories or odd-colored accessories that don't suit well with your core outfit or shacket. 

Right Occasion

Shackets and overshirts are more casual in nature, so make sure to put them to use on the proper occasion. However, you can choose the way to style a shacket based on the level of casualness tolerable for the occasion.

Perfect fit

The perfect fit varies for individuals. But always keep in mind that outfits should never be too loose or too tight. One needs to balance the fit with their body shape.

Complementary patterns

To get the perfect outfit, a balance of the range of colors and patterns is necessary. For instance, if one opts for a blank t-shirt or shirt, it can be paired with plaid shackets. In contrast, if you are opting for bright shirts, balance them with a solid-colored or earthy-toned shacket.

Seasonal factors

While choosing the men's shackets, fabrics suitable for the specific seasons are to be considered. For instance, fine wool fabric is best for the winter, whereas polyester is good for moisture-wicking in the summer.

Final Thoughts

The men's shackets stood the test of time with their unique blend of casual comfort and practicality. And when you plan to purchase one, you need to focus on elements such as the fabric and functionality.

Also, you can merge shackets with any of your occasions, whether it is a casual outing or a date night.

Besides, no matter what season or theme you wish to adorn, shackets are here to lead with a variety of fabrics, from edgy wool to rugged corduroy.

Finally, we hope the article helps you make the right choices to curate a trendy and versatile wardrobe.


Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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