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What Men can wear on their First Date

You have finally scored a first date with that high school crush of yours, or perhaps, that girl next door you liked has finally agreed to go out with you, or finally your match on the dating app has asked you to meet up for the very first time. The restaurant has been decided and you are bringing your dating game on to impress and charm her.

However, that old pair of jeans during wine and dine are certainly not going to work, especially on a first date. A first date is all about first impressions so you need to bring your ‘A game’ and make sure that you sweep her off her feet on the first date itself. Whether you take her to an expensive restaurant for dinner or to a picnic at a park, you certainly need to dress well and appropriately to make sure that when she looks at you for the first time, she is not able to move her eyes off you. After all, the first impression is the last impression, isn’t it?

However, many men don’t pay much attention to their clothes and looks when it comes to the first date and fail to impress their woman. Apart from that, they are often confused about what they should wear on a first date as they want to impress their date, but do not want to look overdressed.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed out a few outfits that a man can wear on his first date and impress his date in a subtle and effortless manner. Have a look below:

Being Formal

Formal outfits, such as a suit or adding a wool blazer with dress pants in a neutral colour such as grey, white or black can never go wrong if you are choosing fine dining for a first date. It certainly shows that you have put in effort for your first date. You can always add a pop of colour in between with a tie along with a leather belt and dress shoes in a rich cognac hue.

This is the perfect formal outfit for a romantic dinner that you can opt for while showing your true personality during the first date. Such formal clothes can never go wrong during wine and dine and are perfectly made for such dates.

White Shirts

A white shirt can be tricky for a man to wear as it is easier to get stained, however it’s one of the best choices for a first date as it makes a man stand apart from the rest. The best part about a white shirt is that you can add it with any type of trousers, whether it is ripped off jeans or chinos. The best way, however, is to add a white shirt with a pair of black jeans and white or black sneakers. You can finish this look with a denim jacket over the white shirt and look suave in the end.

Polo Shirts

Instead of going for one of your graphic tees, choose a Polo t-shirt for your date to look versatile as well as stylish. Although now Polo tees are available in all colours, you must go for a neutral colour when wearing a Polo tee for a first date such as navy blue or charcoal black. It is better to choose a minimal polo rather than a branding one as it can be quite distracting. Apart from that choose a pique knit polo instead of a jersey knit one. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or any other pair of trousers according to your comfort.

Print Casuals

Prints have been in the trend for quite a while now and if you have planned a first date on the beach, printed shirts will be the right option for you. However, you need to make sure that your printed shirt has no loud or oversized motifs that pops out colours. That will just make you a target of the fashion police.

If you are taking her to the beach, add a pair of light coloured shorts with your printed shirt along with a pair of Converse shoes and your job is done. If not, tuck in that shirt into a pair of chinos along with brogues or Oxfords and you will be making a fashion statement. Don’t forget to add the shades with your outfit!

Black is the Key

Black is a colour that has always been in fashion, whether you talk about a black shirt, a black tee or a black suit. It has been the favourite of many men and will probably remain the favourite of many. This colour is perfect for a first date to make a good impression on your potential girlfriend.

One of the best black outfits that you can wear on your first date is a black tee with a pair of black skinny jeans along with a blue denim jacket as well as black boots. Apart from that, if you just want a pop of black in your outfit, a black leather jacket will be the perfect fit. Another black outfit which is timeless in fashion is a well fitting black sweater, grey chinos, dress shoes along with a pair of shades.

Dapper Blue Suits

When it comes to looking casual as well as sharp, a blue shaded suit is the perfect choice for a man for the first date with a woman. There are a number of shades of blue so you can choose the one you prefer and get a tailored suit made for yourself. This is a semi casual outfit and will make you look classy as well as stylish at the same time. Don’t forget to add a pair of shades along with your suit to turn on your charm.

Denim Shirts

Denims have been in fashion for a long time along with jeans. And denim shirts can make any man look fashionable no matter how they wear it. A denim shirt will be a great choice for a first date if you want to and feel comfortable in it. You can pair a blue denim shirt, tucking it in with a black skinny jeans to make the perfect combo for a first date. Apart from that, you can pair it with beige chinos and white sneakers. You can also layer a denim jacket over a tee along with neutral hued shorts as well as chunky soled sneakers.


First dates are tricky situations which you can either ace or fail at. And you can make a great impression on your date with your looks and appearance by wearing one of the above given outfits. These are one of the top first date outfits that have a charm of impressing the other person. You look effortlessly fashionable as well as make a great first impression on your woman.

However, there are some styling tips that we would like to offer before you start dressing up for your date. Firstly, you should always wear a watch when you are going out for a date. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a nice 40mm watch with a good metallic strap is all we are talking about. It certainly completes your look.

Secondly, it is important for you to smell good on a date, especially the first date. So always wear a cologne when you are going out for that first date. It doesn’t matter that you have showered twice or even thrice. You need to wear good quality cologne or perfume that makes you smell good.

Apart from that, polish or clean your shoes before you step out of the house. Dirty shoes will definitely make a bad impression on your date so make sure that your shoes are polished as well as clean. Along with that ensure that they do not smell as you do not want her to point that out to you during the date.

When you are going for a first date, don’t be a nervous wreck, for she might be feeling anxious as well. You need to be confident in yourself, even if that means that you need to give yourself a little pep talk. Apart from that, make sure that your nails are well groomed and aren’t dirty from all that gardening or hiking you did the other day. It can make a very bad impression of you on your date.

Just be yourself and make your date feel comfortable during the date. That will be the best part of that first date. Good luck!

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