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What a Bow Tie can tell me about You

Men all throughout the world adore wearing bow ties, which have long been a staple of formal attire. But when and why did we begin donning bow ties? And is it a smart choice to wear a bow tie today? What do people in the past think about it? So many questions and secrets revolve around the simple bow tie. Most importantly what can you say about a man wearing a bow tie.

For all this we need to dive a little in the history of how and when the bowties came into existence. Lets move back a few hundred years.

When was the first bow tie made?

You might be surprised to learn that Croatian mercenaries used bow ties for the first time during the 30-year conflict in the 17th century. Of course, they did not appear as they do now. Instead, the first bow ties were actually neck scarves worn by mercenaries. It served a useful purpose in their situation by holding the shirt opening shut at the moment. The first bow tie that resembled the one we know today was made in the 1830s, though. Bow tie was then a symbol of security and reassurance at that time and its reputation has lived well.

Bow tie over the years

People started looking for ways to express themselves more and more in the 1950s. A few years after, the war had just ended, many people had more money to spare. At this time, the fashion industry saw a lot of innovation including this wonderful piece of clothing, although bow ties were mainly reserved for work uniforms. They remained extremely well-liked among academics and medical professionals, nonetheless and became a thing adorned by learned men.

In the 1960s, narrow ties and tailored suits gained enormous popularity. Bow ties were not as common during this time as they previously were. The majority of them were still applied to weddings, in fact. At that time, the straight-edge batwing bow ties and the slim diamond-tip bow ties were popular and fashionable. Bow ties became a fashion accessory for very special occasions.

The 1970s saw a significant increase in the use of cravats and kipper ties. The snapping butterfly bow ties were quite well-liked when it came to ties. People continued to adorn bow ties more so when they were wearing wedding clothes or other similar outfits.

In the early 2000s, bow ties were primarily used by people who wished to project a trendy, gimmicky appearance. The majority of bow tie wearers paired them with items like skinny jeans, check shirts, and many other things.

Of course they’re much more popular now, because they make a terrific accessory and allow you to simply express yourself however you want. Many famous people, like Tom Daley, Ellen Page, Beyonce, and Idris Elba, wear them. There are clip-on bow ties, pre-tied bow ties, as well as self-tie bow ties available.

What people think of a bow tie guy ?

It’s vital to remember that this implies something akin to Old World iconoclasm for bow tie lovers. Some even think you can use it to demonstrate that you hold a divergent opinion. The bow tie used to be an early indication of intellectualism and even some technical prowess. The explanation for that is that you couldn’t tie one on your first try since it was difficult to do so.

Keep in mind that many other intelligent people, including professors, attorneys, and magicians, also wore bow ties. They were actually linked to certain professions, like those of lawyers, educators, legislators, money receipt collectors, and even architects. Despite the fact that things changed significantly in the 18th and particularly the 19th century, it was still a certain indicator that only clever people should wear them.

Bow ties became much more prevalent and served as an expressional sign. Unlike classical musicians, who were far more focused on using a white or black bow tie, clowns often employed an enormous bow tie for humorous effect. It represented power and knowledge to them. Therefore, depending on the context and usage, bow ties could have varied meanings.

It’s vital to remember that as the 1900s progressed, and particularly toward the conclusion of the decade, an increasing number of women began to wear a bow tie. This was especially true during the 1980s, when businesswomen wore formal, perfectly fitted suits, bow ties, and conservative clothing. These bow ties were a little different, a little bigger, and more intent on delivering a message. However, when compared to men’s bow ties, they still had the same designs, hues, and materials.

Bow ties are currently gaining popularity because they may be worn at formal events as well as in social settings. Even the mess dress uniforms feature it, since many of them feature a bowtie. Some individuals even choose to wear it when they go out or to a less formal meal. So, certainly, wearing a bow tie and expressing yourself in a unique way are more widespread than ever these days.

The significance of a bow tie

A bow tie is mostly a sign of your creativity, resourcefulness, and intelligence. Depending on the colour scheme, wearing a multi-coloured bow tie can make you appear bold, while wearing a white or black bow tie would make you appear polished and classy. It does say volumes how you mix it with your suit, so it’s absolutely something crucial to think about. Additionally, a bow tie conveys self-assurance and conviction in one’s own abilities, and it imparts a sense of profundity and strength. Bow ties are a sign that a man is dedicated to being different, unique, and developing his own sense of style. That further demonstrates their lack of fear of criticism and their intense emphasis on their own objectives and viewpoints.


It’s safe to argue that donning a bow tie has always conveyed sophistication and wit. Despite the fact that things have changed over the years, bow ties are still worn by a lot of fashion-conscious people. In actuality, bow ties are returning. Bow ties come in all different styles and dimensions, making it simple to express your opinions while also elevating your fashion sense. While bow ties can occasionally be used for humorous effect, they typically convey great class, professionalism, and intellect. Bow ties have been a symbol of politeness for generations. Many people are anticipating a resurgence in fashion, and bowties are a terrific option for any man to wear on any occasion. Every man should give them a try right away.

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