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Wedding Season Ensemble for Men

‘Wedding season soaring high but you feeling low.’ Don’t worry! We got your back.

With the wedding season comes a range of ethnic wear in the markets that even though are not worn every day but sometimes seems to have same or less options for men. That statement is actually not true and we are on a mission to prove it so.

In our effort to give you the best in every sphere of life, we curated a list of five brands that not only give you the best ethnic fit but are also versatile. These brands offer choices that are out of box, yet elegant and charming. So men, the wait is now over, here you go:


If you want to pull off the desi ‘kukkad wala’ look, then you can blindly shop from this brand. They offer the best kurtas in town. Believe me!! Many of their products are handcrafted by one of the finest artisans that the country has.

This is a must-shop for every Indian boy who wants to look like a man.


Ethnic wear is gaining a lot of attention these days, then why shouldn’t you. Manyavar has been dominating the Indian ethnic scene for more than two decades. Name a Bollywood superstar, and they all have modeled for this brand. You know we’re talking fashion, when we talking about Manyavar.

No Grey Area:

Are you a connoisseur of a minimalistic and dashing look? No grey area will leave you with no qualms regarding your pick of the month. The duality of fashion brings out the contrast in a way which is no less than art. So, what are you waiting for? Set a new fashion statement.

Diwan Saheb:

If there is a brand that has got it all, don’t look any further Saheb! Diwan Saheb is here. This brand has a variety of enormity, and class of a Maharaja. From Western to Eastern wear, this brand aces it all. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, then you have your answer!

Fab India:

Some brands are so influential that they have created a separate vibe. So, to experience the Fab India vibe, then slide-into one of their showrooms, and relish the ambience, and soothe your eyes and skin by shopping from this brand.

Fun fact: This is one of the few brands that is flexible to your budget, and caters to a wide array of your clothing needs.

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