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We’ve got the perfect scent for you

First impressions can be the last one. So, why not leave a lasting one.

The world we live in changes everything in a flicker of a second but still, some things have perpetuated through this. One such timeless commodity is fragrance.

History check: The origin of scents is credited to the ancient Egyptians. They used them at various occasions to set the vibe straight.

So, where were we? Perfumes not just light up the mood on diverse occasions for others but also for you. A good smell releases those feel good hormones in your body. Who doesn’t wanna feel good, right!?

We have curated a list of 5 brands that offer an impeccable collection of scents that you’ll fall in love with.

Tom Ford:

How can a brand a brand be a brand if the name doesn’t speak for itself. Tom Ford, the man himself created this mammoth of a luxury fashion brand.

He was the creative director of Gucci before this. Although, it would be an insult to him if we compare any of his product lines but let’s do the honours.

His fragrance range just dominates the scene. It is breath-taking! If you haven’t understood the gravitas that his fragrances hold then try a bottle of Soleil Blanc, and you’ll know.

Giorgio Armani:

Their tagline, “It speaks for you,” does hold its ground. The magical aroma of their fragrance offers is once in a lifetime experience. You have to be a force to be reckoned with if you have stayed in the game for more than four and a half decade. This Italian brand really is!

If we have to pick a recommendation, we would recommend the Rose d’Arabie from their pristine Prive collection. Another pick of the lot which the brand itself has recently rolled out is their ACQUA Di Gio Profondo.

Helmut Lang:

This Austrian brand has been birthed by none other than the fashion designer Helmut Lang in 1986. In the world of fashion this brand has a behemoth of a reputation.

Their fragrances have used the finest of ingredients that bring out the best in you. Their Eau De Parfum has a very musky smell. It goes deep into your soul, and resurrects the primate in you.


The French did more than introducing fries and a kiss to the world. Fragrances are also a part of their culture, which they were kind enough to share with the world.

This brand has been there for more than 250 years. The brand has an unparalleled legacy. The undisputed champion in the fashion ring has countless claims to fame. Their fragrances especially the Creed Aventus is their main emperor product.


Despite establishing the first intelligence agency, and annihilating several countries, Brits did a few other things too. One good one was to establish this brand.

This brand claims to be an expert in fragrance profiling. We are not saying this, the brand’s website does. Halfetti and The World according to Arthur are their top two signature picks that you shall see for yourself.

Believe it or not!! You won’t mind spending an extra penny for it.

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