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Types of Ties for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Ties are a basic part of a Man’s accessory. Any man attending a formal event makes sure to add a tie as part of his attire. Although, the question of what type of tie, according to what kind of event is always a question.

Yes, we know that even though many think that ties are all the same, it is not actually correct. There are different types of ties available in the market, which can be worn according to the event. Different types of ties are made in order to make sure that a man’s accessory game is top notch and he feels confident and glamorous in them.

To find out various types of ties a man can have in his closet, read further:

Four in hand Necktie (Classic)

The type of ties you generally see every man wear to any formal event or any office, where it is necessary to be in formal attire, is the staple four in hand necktie. This one is considered most appropriate for any kind of formal event and is very easily available in any market. It is also the one tie that almost every guy has and will not part from it.

The most common and simple tie knot that is generally used by men is called four in hand tie knot, as it is based on the fact that anyone making a simple tie knot would be using the most used and available Four in hand necktie. This type of tie is not costly, easily available with basic and simple patterns on it, best for your office or a normal formal business event.

The Seven Fold Tie

This one is of a little higher cost, as it is made from a square yard of silk that is folded seven times. The breeding of the tie is inside and it doesn’t have a lining, as the rich fabric of this tie is folded seven times to make the shape. The principles of origami are used in making sure that the shape of tie comes out nice and clean.

The tie is thick which helps in forming a really nice knot. However, due to the seven fold, the tie takes effort and time to make, which is then for obvious reasons reflected in the cost.

Skinny Necktie

A cousin of the four in hand tie, is currently trending in the industry. If you are wondering how, then let us remind you that every now and then you will see this tie attending an event where you went in a casual shirt. For our Indian readers, let us remind you the tie that Ranbir Kapoor wore, in the song ‘badtameez dil’, was a skinny tie.

The fact is that these ties garnered interest in the fashion world when ‘The Beatles’ wore it on stage. And why not, they look elegant, sharp, stylish and edgy, perfect for your night out with the gang in town.


Bowties are cool ! (Whovians know what I am talking about) Bowties are a fun alternative to your everyday ties and are considered a must haves when it comes to formal events. They are perfect to be paired with a seersucker suit. Of Course bowties are something that not every man can sport.

However, bowties can be used in a variety of settings, be it a cocktail party to even an everyday wear. They are pretty smaller than the everyday necktie and are usually worn with tuxedos. Also, one can always rely on a bowtie to make them look cool, as they are the one accessory in men’s fashion wear that never go out of style.

Western Bowtie

A variation of bowties, western bowties are considered a little more casual than the normal bowties. At times, these are also called string ties, or cowboy ties and are majorly used as a casual outfit.

Bolo Tie

We know that you are now confusing Bolo ties with western bowties. Although, these are completely different and are a groovy piece of men’s jewellery. Bolo ties have recently made a comeback and were majorly worn by baby boomers, back in the day. Bolo ties became popular in the 70’s and have now become a fashion statement.

This type of tie is majorly made of a piece of cord or braided leather with metal tips at both ends, along with a metal or plastic clasp that secures the tie. One can also find a Bolo tie with luxury clasps and pins. These ties are of course considered casual and are worn when someone wants to make an appearance in an event.


A cravat is considered an ancestor of a normal necktie and was inherited from the military. However, a cravat is a little more than a tie and covers the entire neck. It is kind of a scarf worn with an open style shirt, where there is no first button. The cravat is pinned rather than knotted.

A cravat is considered as the epitome of class and the scarves used are of highest quality, with classy prints that are generally used for very formal events. This style is sure to get you all the attention in any event that you walk in.


Yes, you have guessed it right, neckerchiefs are considered a close cousin of a cravat but are used for casual events. These are sometimes also called a sailors tie. They are very basic in nature and any nice and stylish long handkerchief or a scarf can be used. One can of course experiment with the kind of knots in a neckerchief.

To tie a neckerchief, get your choice of scarf or handkerchief and fold it diagonally and then tie it using a sailor knot. However, the neckerchief gained the interest of the masses when it was used as part of the uniform of boys scouts.

Kipper Tie

Hailing from the fashion streets of Britain, a Kipper tie has a distinctive width that sets it apart from the rest. It is unique and poignant and is generally credited with bold colours and over the top designs. They became fashionable around World War II and were considered a statement against austerity measurements used during the war time.

Clip on Tie

These forms of ties can be a necktie or a bowtie which can be pre tied and just has a hook or a clip which can be attached to your shirt collar. 


With the ever evolving fashion, the accessories keep changing and coming and disappearing from recent trends. Although one of men’s accessories that is always considered in fashion is tie. One can always find at least two to three ties in any man’s closet.

However, there are a variety of kinds of ties that a man can make sure to wear during different events and make sure that he looks elegant and poignant. With the above given knowledge on the variety of ties, you can make sure that you look stylish and trendy in your tie.

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