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Types of Bags for Men

Bags have slowly started becoming a fashion accessory for men. Apart from the classic backpack, there has been a surgent of many other types of bags for men. They all serve different niches and purposes according to a man’s requirements.

Bags for men have become a staple style statement. Except for the more functional ones, there has been a rise of other types of bags that are part of men’s street style wear. They are the latest fashion trend amongst men and are here to stay. We have compiled this list of the different types of bags available; continue reading to know more!


The backpack is the staple accessory for any man at any age. It is the most functional accessory bag for any gender. It can be found in various designs and quality and is sold majorly by most fashion apparel brands and standalone bag manufacturers. They are common, easy to find, and the first type of bag to come to mind in the question of bags for men.

Tote Bag

Tote bags are close to what you can call the modern-day Men’s handbag. They are versatile with their use and storage, not as much as a backpack but still more than a briefcase. They are easy to carry around and look trendy enough that you just might become the subject of interest of a street photographer. Think of it as whatever you want, but the tote bag has been a fashion item for women and is now trendy and ready for men.

Weekend Bag

Need a bag that can pack all of your weekend essentials and make it easier to carry, unlike a suitcase? Then look no further than the weekend bags, which are exclusive-looking leather bags. They are the perfect portable wardrobe for your weekend getaway and do not require much space. They are versatile as they can also be a great substitute for your gym or work bag.

Fanny Pack

The fanny pack has become a known trend in the choice of bags for men for the last two years. They are the closest equivalent to what your friends may call a man’s purse, but they are the best alternative to any functional bag or wallet. They are small, they are versatile, and they look exceptionally trendy. It gives the impression of a man with his essentials in check and sorted. It is a functional piece of accessory that looks great for any gender and age.


The briefcase has been a part of men’s fashion for as long as we can remember. Whenever we hear the word briefcase, our imagination immediately goes to a time in the 80s of a gentleman with a bowler with a long coat carrying an umbrella, newspaper and a briefcase, and maybe adding a little rain for cinematic effect. But the point is, the briefcase is an evergreen piece of style for men. Even though it has gone through modifications over the years, the modern-day briefcase is much more different and is not a rectangular box with a metal frame. It is a great work bag, and if you buy one of good quality it will last you long enough.

Gym Bag

The gym bag is an essential accessory for a man hitting the gym. They have become quite popular over the years and are commonly seen carried by men. They are as functional and simple as they can get to carry the basic gym stuff that you might need. They are the most niche type of bags for men available in the market. 

Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are the bigger and more functional version of the fanny pack. They are the best street-style accessory that money can buy and a trendy piece of a fashion statement for any fashionable and modern man.

Messenger bag

The messenger bag was never a fashion statement but a place to carry things for paper carriers or middle-aged commuters going to the office or grocery store. But in recent years, designer fashion brands have taken messenger bags to new lengths. They have become a trendy piece of fashion accessory that has become an essential part of men’s street fashion. They are cheap, easy to carry, and one of the best modern bags for men.

Laptop Bag

The laptop bag is the niche version of the all-functional backpack, which serves the purpose of only carrying your laptop and its essentials. It has two variations, one in the backpack style and the other in the style of the briefcase. Most backpacks now serve the purpose of a laptop bag, like having a separate compartment for the laptop, and even most briefcases now serve the purpose of a laptop bag. They were quite handy when they first arrived but soon faded out due to their singular purpose, which other bags can also serve.

Beach Bag

The beach bag is the most casual and laid-back men’s bag on our list. They are the best piece of accessory for beach wear any man can invest in. They come in different styles and designs that can match your beach wear. They are made with great waterproof quality and are versatile like the weekend bag, allowing you to store a lot of stuff and easily carry them around.


Bags for men have evolved over the years, from serious official-only briefcases to the more casual backpacks or sling bags to the trendy streetwear tote bags. They are still judged under the stereotype that bags are to be carried by women only, but it has improved in the past two years, and there are much more chances of seeing men carrying bags on their shoulders with much more confidence and style. This has also made men’s pockets much less baggy, and they can afford to dress up nice and clean since all their stuff can be stored in the bag they are carrying. This list was meant to provide you with a guide to the different types of men’s bags available in the market so that you can make your purchase with better knowledge and elevate your style game!

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