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To the Point Review : Apple iPhone 13 series

The everlasting pursuit of knowledge flows inside every man and that is why the obsession with new technology grows. To simplify things in this complex time of science, here is an “everything you need to know” blog for the recently launched iPhone 13 series. Let’s hear from what the experts need to say

What’s different?

The iPhone 13 doesn’t look much different from its predecessors once you first look at it, but once you are hands on with this flagship, you quickly revert this verdict. This small yet powerful device possesses many-a changes apart from the smaller notch. The series delivers a brighter display and a brand new finish to the structure. However, these are just the parameters you can spot handling it once and are an understatement of the iPhones new features. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini wore a salmon pink finish whereas the 13 pro and 13 pro max have rebranded with a sierra blue finish.

Refer to the table underneath to compare and form your own verdict of the iPhone 13 series

Apple has significantly improved on the superior camera. It introduced new sensors and algorithmic photography features which make your TikTok’s look like a pro shot. The cinematic mode introduces depth of field to your frame and the auto focus shift can change the way you capture the world.

The excellence inherited in the iPhone 13 by its makers and predecessors is what makes it the best flagship ever for many users.

The BFH Verdict

We at BFH stand with the verdict that the 13 pro max is the best new one overall. The 13 pro comes in a compact design, hindering the stellar camera. Although, the 13 mini is a little phone with large performance.

The regular iPhone 13 has relatively slow charging. You might be able to recognise the mini and regular model are short of the telephoto zoom and 120Hz display. The fact that “nothing is perfect” stands corrected.

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