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Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing Suits for Men

From tiny tots wearing tuxedos and roaming around on their kindergarten graduation to men in their best chosen suits taking wedding vows. Suits have a misprice influence on men in almost every age group. From presentations to your first date, suits for men have a wide range and are variation friendly. But it is not that easy to choose a suit. Technicalities and little things can either make it or break it for you.

From choosing fabric to little detailing and accessorising your look, how to carry and design a suit for men can be an interesting discussion. But how can one choose his ideal suit for kicking off the perfect occasion. Here are some tips for men to swipe right after getting a perfect suit match.

Online vs Offline

In this era of digitisation, the audience is inclined more towards online purchase. But it is very essential to know both sides of the coin.

Online hunt for suit

Surely, it is very easy and convenient to sit at home and order a suit while chilling in your pyjamas. It saves you from all the physical efforts and brainstorming. But again, customisation is one of the perks you might miss while ordering online. Some websites may give you options to customise your suit but the chance of experimentation is still rigid.

Offline hunt for suit

Now, following the traditional way of stitching a suit from scratch can make you hustle a lot. Either you can go to a retail shop and grab a ready made suit that impresses your sight or you can make it from scratch. This involves you choosing a fabric, going to a tailor, making him understand what you want. This is a lot to do but isn’t it worth it to get exactly what you want?

Motive – even in suits? YES

The very first thing is to know the occasion. That decides how gaudy or effortless your suit should look. What do you want to portray with that suit? This question matters a lot when you are looking for suits for men.

Formal suit

These suits are usually worn in workplaces, interviews or at formal office parties. You can work with a bit of decent patterns like checks or lines. But the fabric should be light weighted and colours not that bright.

Warm Weather suit

What if you decided to wear a suit at your best friend’s wedding, but it’s June. Summers can make it very difficult to rock a suit. But cheat codes can help you out. Pick light pastel colours with no layering of course. Cotton and linen blend fabric is good to save you from all the heat. Also, you can wear a light blue or khaki suit for weddings.

First date suit

Bahamas vibes are all cool but a well dressed guy especially in a suit is a dream come true for many girls. But you wouldn’t like to do ‘too much’. So, it needs to be somewhere between semi formal and casual. Just pair a suit jacket with a T-shirt. This gives you a suit vibe without making it too formal.

How should it fit?

‘Fiting’ is a major concern when it comes to buying a suit. But as much as there are specifications while buying a suit, it is and should be subjective to the body type. A suit should fit in a way that enhances your features and boosts up confidence. Also, it is not possible for a tailor to size up your suit but it can be altered to your fittings. Hence, always try a suit which is either fit or a bit loose for you.


They should be widened enough to move in easily and roll down to sleeves but not so wide that it makes your face look smaller.


Again, depending upon your chest size the suit should be wide enough to compliment shoulders but not too much that it looks baggy.


It should hug the neck of the shirt when it turns but there should be some inches of gap between them.

Jacket arm

The sleeve of the jacket should be one or two inches longer than the shirt so that the shirt doesn’t sneak out. As far as the length is concerned, the jacket should be long enough to cover your buttocks and short enough to give a good leg posture.


The trouser rise should be long enough that the waistband fits on the natural waist and compliments the waist button of the jacket.


Fabric is the soul of any clothing. It should compliment the body type, occasion and environmental conditions. The weight and texture of the fabric decides how it is going to drape over your body. The pattern on the fabric decides how blandish it will be on your body.

Choice of the fabric should be smart enough to not only make you look good but also let you enjoy the occasion. You’ll need a doctor instead of a tailor if you decide to wear cotton in winters. Hence, one must know what fabric is suitable for any specific weather condition.

Coordinate different pieces

It is not mandatory to pick up the suit from head to toe. You can try to pair a different set of trousers with some different shirt and a jacket you already have in your wardrobe. This may be more affordable and gives you a look you want in your budget. Many brands do sell their pieces separately too.

Quality over price (If your pocket allows obviously)

You don’t go out and buy a suit everyday (until or unless you are a celebrity). So, make sure that you don’t compromise much in the pricing section. Because cheaper may help your pocket today, but won’t be of any use for long. Quality clothing has a longer life and you can always swap it and experiment with different jackets, shirts and trousers.

Give access to accessories

No matter how rocking your suit is, accessories will give finishing to your looks. Here are some all time good to go accessories with your suit.


Matching a tie with your suit can add a decent vibe and volume to your collar. People often wear bow ties if it’s any celebration. Solid ties are very common in official setups. But you can also wear a sleek solid tie in a family function. There are different patterns on ties which can give an edge to your look. The pattern should go along your shirt.

Pocket Square

These are basically a piece of cloth to put in your jacket’s chest pocket. Putting a pocket square breaks the single colour pattern and adds variation to your look. For example if you are wearing a light blue suit all over, a matching pocket square to the shirt or a contrast colour is good to go.


Wearing a watch is as classy as a power suit for men. It gives a bold, strong and classy finishing to your look. Watch should be subtle and not something that takes all the attention away.


People often buy stylish, costly and branded cufflinks to enhance the charm of their suit.


Though choice and preference do give room for experiments. But these tips can add in a better suit wear experience for men. Make sure to have different suit types for different occasions. Although, whatever you wear, be comfortable in it. Suits for men are supposed to be their fashion highlight. Also do remember that accessories work as a cherry on the cake. Be on budget but don’t hesitate to cross the line if it’s affordable. Afterall, who buys suits everyday!

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