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Tips for a Man for Meeting his Partner’s Parents

There is no denying that dating the person of your dreams is the best experience of your life. Going on dates with them, travelling with them as well as spending those little special moments with them can fulfil your life with great happiness. You reach a number of milestones with your partner in a relationship such as the first anniversary of your relationship, the first kiss and so on.

However, In the back of your mind, you will always be dreading the ‘meet my parents’ situation. Meeting the parents of your partner is no less than a job interview as, if you are able to make a good impression on them, they will happily give their daughter’s hand in marriage to you.

Apart from that, meeting your partner’s parents is a good sign of a healthy relationship and is a huge step as well. It turns your relationship into a serious one and you can easily pop the big question soon enough, whenever you are ready to do so. Along with that, their parents believe that you can be trusted when it comes to their daughter.

If you are about to meet your partner’s parents and are a nervous wreck about it, we just might have the right tips for you. Have a look:

Be Prepared with Your Homework

Just like you study the whole night before an exam to ace it, you need to be ready with your homework about your partner’s parents before you meet them. Whenever your partner talks about her parents in a conversation, make sure that you have noted it down in your brain and haven’t forgotten.

Don’t just barge into their house without knowing their names or what they do for a living. You should know what exactly their profession is as well as a few of their hobbies. Apart from that, if they have different last names, make sure you know that as well. It will be cringing if you use the same last names as well as embarrassing.

We know that talking to people of a different age can be difficult, however, you can always take your partner’s help. Ask your partner about them and get to know about their different interests. Has her father retired or is still working? Is her mother a professor or a teacher? Both are different so keep these things in mind and then begin your journey.

Making a Good First Impression

When you go to meet your own parents, you might be wearing jeans and an old tee shirt, however, this time you are meeting your partner’s parents, that too for the very first time. So, it will be better to dress well to make a good impression. Wear a nice pair of trousers and a crisp shirt, tucking it in to show her parents that you are a decent guy and can take care of their daughter.

Apart from that, it will be always appreciated by her parents if you bring a gift along with you. A bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers for her mother will be just delightful. It will show how kind and caring you are, not just for their daughter, but for her family as well.

Along with that, it is important that you are confident about yourself and don’t underestimate yourself, especially in front of your partner’s parents. Don’t doubt yourself during this process and when you greet them, smile as well as give a firm handshake, making them believe that you are self confident. If they go in for a hug, join them as well and don’t act awkwardly.

Another way of making a good first impression is by calling Mr and Mrs. Don’t start by calling them out by their first names. You can do that later if they insist you do so. Calling them by Mr and Mrs will show that you respect people and will portray your good judgement as well.

Be Your Best Version

Once all of you have met and greeted each other, you all will probably sit somewhere to have a conversation. This is the time when you too get to do the talking and tell them all about yourself. This is where you need to be the best version of yourself. Here you can’t behave like you behave with your guy friends.

One tip that we always give to men here is that you must talk as much as you can to her parents. Don’t make your partner talk to her parents if you are nervous or shy. In such a case, force yourself to talk to them. The whole point of this meeting is for them to get to know you so you must talk and not be on silent mode.

Apart from that, do not be busy on your phone, no matter how many calls or texts you are getting. The best way to ignore them is to turn off your phone as this is a very special occasion, especially for your partner. Just like you, they too want their parents to like you. Scrolling on your Instagram can be done later.

Along with that, it is important to show your affection for your partner in front of their parents. This doesn’t mean that you start kissing them or groping in front of their parents. It just means that you hold their hand as well as pull out their chair for them when you all are about to eat.

Apart from that, you need to remember that you are there to meet your partner’s parents and not to get drunk. Drinking too much in front of your partner’s parents will be a bad decision. One or two drinks are fine and won’t make you tipsy but more than that will be a bad idea. Their parents can even disapprove of you just because you drank so much.

Be Positive

When it comes to meeting the parents of your partner, the best way to go about it is feeling and being positive. Talking ill about your job or boss won’t make her father like you. Instead, talk about your interests, hobbies as well as involve your partner in the topic.

Talk about what the both of you love doing together, about your good experiences and make them understand that you are serious about their daughter. It is important for you to be showcased as a positive person and not a negative one. Leave the negativity at home.

Be Polite

Remember, you are meeting your partner’s parents and not just new people. However, parents are people too and when it comes to their daughter, they might turn out to be a little rude to you. But in such a case, you do not have to answer back in the same way. Instead, be a polite person, just like you always have been.

If they are talking about politics or something else that you do not agree upon, do not engage in the conversation and go for something safer rather than creating a conflict.


Dating your partner might seem like easy territory, with going on dates, travelling together on weekend getaways and making little romantic gestures that keep both of you happy. However, meeting the parents of your partner is always a difficult step to take as you never know how they might be. Your partner’s father might be really difficult to please or their mother might be really conservative. Who knows?

While your partner knows the reality, in the end, you always have to end up meeting parents, especially if you want to pop the question to your special someone. You might be having panic attacks before you are about to meet your partner’s parents, however the above given tips can help you out when you are about to meet your partner’s parents.

Remember, they are concerned about their daughter’s happiness and safety so they will be judging you in a million ways. After all, they only want their daughter to be happy for the rest of their life. So don’t think much about it. All you have to do is present yourself in the best way and make them believe that you can take care of her in every way possible; emotionally, physically as well as financially.

So before you get down on one knee to ask them the big question they have been waiting for all this while, make sure that their parents are happy with you as well as satisfied with their daughter’s choice. They should never believe that their daughter made a mistake by choosing you. Make your partner proud by being the best version of yourself when you meet their parents.

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