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Timeless Fashion – For Men Who Don’t Chase Trends

Times have changed with the new influencer market around us, but most men still dont like to keep up with trends. Men hate to follow the ebbs and flows of fashion world. They are completely disconnected from it. Anyways, no one said that they couldn’t look good. We feel they tend to stand out even more with everyone subsumed about trying to be a part of fresh trends. It is not certain you wont look chic if you don’t only wear trending clothes. Be a part of the revolution called Timeless Fashion.

One can have a dapper and a much cooler look with these timeless clothing items. These are pieces of fashion that are a must -have for every man. They are evergreen.

Moreover, these clothings are great fashion investments. Being everygreen, it’s not lke you will need to throw them out and get new ones every other season. The underlying 5 clothings items are true examples of Timeless Fashion a must for every man – whether into trends or not!

A Solid White T-Shirt

A subtle white t-shirt can have unknown powers. The t-shirt can be paired with a blazer for a business look in a casual manner. Although, It can be a perfect match for your denim jacket to create the ultimate street look. Also, wear the t-shirt with your track pants and joggers for the gym. As we can observe, a plain white t-shirt can do alot for you.

A Perfect Fit Shirt

We know nothing is perfect, but you need this perfectly fitted shirt in your wardrobe. It is a killer combination which will be a classic for almost any occasion. Whether it is a date night or a formal meeting, this well-fitted shirt will give you the confidence and perseverance to get through it all. A dark coloured well fitted shirt with a pair of trousers is a perfect match!

A Well Tailored Suit

In the words of Barney Stinson,”Suit Up!”. A man in a well tailored suit can take the world on his fingertips. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself. A Suit is one of the most essential items in a man’s wardrobe. A Suit will cover you for a wedding, a client meeting or any other occasion where you have to look your best.

A Kurta Pajama

To bring out the Desi Boy, you need to have a set of stylish Indian outfit that would help you get by on festivals, religious events and mehndi, sagai functions at your cousin’s wedding. If you re not sure of what style and colour to choose, go with a Pathani black or white Kurta Pajama. It would do you no wrong.


Lastly, denims are a clothing item that has been around the longest in the history of fashion. There wasn’t a point on this timeline when denims were out of fashion. And even a layman with zero fashion sense has owned a pair of jeans once in their life. The stylish fit and rigid fabric makes jeans the perfect companion for basically anything including shirts, tees, kurtas, blazers.

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