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Things About Rings for Men to Remember

Other than an engagement ring, do you enjoy wearing other rings? If so, you should be familiar with the conventions surrounding wearing rings. Both sexes have worn rings for a long time as a representation of their devotion, money, and social standing. An engagement ring, for instance, denotes that the wearer is committed. Therefore, wearing jewellery is the same as making a statement.

We hope to increase men’s confidence in wearing rings. Let’s first discuss the significance of guys wearing rings on various fingers.

The Symbolism of Fingers and Rings – Should I use my right or left hand?

Every man has the same thought: Should he wear the ring on his left hand or his right? Various Indian traditions have different ideas about how a man should wear a ring.

It’s been said that fingers are more important than hands. So instead of focusing on which hand to choose, learn what each finger stands for!

  1. Pinky Finger: Men frequently choose pinky rings as their first statement piece. The pinky finger does not have any religious connotations in the majority of Indian civilisations. Additionally, it is more comfortable to wear a ring on your pinky finger as opposed to your frequently used index finger. Is it not?

  2. Ring Finger: For men, the ring finger on the right hand is primarily symbolic of marriage, while the opposite finger represents engagement. Like other married or engaged men, you should select a basic yet elegant ring that you can wear every day without feeling uncomfortable. But you might choose a distinctive and artistic wedding band if you want to make a statement.

  3. Middle Digit: Usually the biggest and boldest finger is the right middle finger ring for men. Why? We use this finger daily for many of our routine tasks because it is close to the index finger. Therefore, it is preferable to pick a little, straightforward ring for your middle finger.

  4. Index Finger: The index finger represents self-assurance, authority, power, and leadership. While there are various ring alternatives available, brilliant silver-toned class and fraternal bands are ideal for the index finger. Choose a ring that will stand out against your appearance.

  5. Thumb: It’s not very popular to wear jewellery on the thumb. However, for men, a thumb ring represents money, companionship, and power. Men who like to stack rings on their fingers can choose a distinctive statement item for their thumbs.

Maintain a proper proportion of rings on your hands.

Like most women, most guys avoid wearing a lot of jewellery. Having too many rings on both hands may not be as appealing as you think. However, you can wear numerous rings at once, provided you can balance the wearable dimensions.

If you have large hands, choose bolder rings that are more likely to catch people’s eyes. Smaller rings that complement the size of a man’s hands should be worn by men with smaller hands.

Choose whether or not to wear a watch while you are dressing up for an occasion. If so, choose between using your left or right hand. Wearing too many rings and a watch on your hand is not recommended, regardless of whether you have wide or thin fingers.

Match the metal of the ring to the other jewellery:

How do you wear numerous rings while balancing other jewellery? If you have an engagement ring or wedding band on, counterbalance it with a bracelet or watch on your right wrist. Your next default finger can now have a new ring on it. However, avoid overloading one hand with bracelets and rings while leaving the other hand free.

The majority of men’s rings are available in a variety of metal hues and patterns. Then who asserts that males ought to wear exclusively gold rings? You can select any metal, such as silver, platinum, or another that matches your preferences and fashion. Choose the accessories to go with your outfit based on the type of metal you are wearing. Avoid over accessorising in general.

Is there a limit to how many rings a man can wear?

Quality ultimately matters more than quantity. You can distribute additional rings on the different fingers on both hands, assuming you would only wear one ring on each finger. However, putting a ring on each finger could make it appear cluttered. Make a powerful statement, regardless of how many rings you have. Make the ideal ring with just one hand.


Hopefully the above has given you some insight into how to wear numerous rings and yet look fashionable. You will be the one to take them away in the end! So, maintain your confidence and use the advice above. You will definitely make a statement by donning several rings on your hands! On the website, you can purchase gold chain necklaces at a fair price as well.

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