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The Right Ways To Dress A Muffler

A person in his winter clothes in a snowy area

The muffler is a prominent element in the winter fashion symphony, providing warmth and a platform for men to display their sense of style. Elaborating on its practical use, the skill of dressing elegantly with a muffler is more than just a means of staying warm. Imagine the following: the fresh winter air, a trace of frost on the ground, and you, looking dapper in an expertly wrapped muffler that not only protects you from the weather but also enhances your whole look. Although neck scarves and mufflers are more popular among women, men can surely break the deal with mufflers.

In this fashion voyage, we explore textures, patterns, and creative knots that turn this winter staple into a statement item as we reveal the keys to mastering the art of muffler styling for men.

9 Aesthetic Ways To Dress A Muffler

The Simple Drape

A man touching his muffler

If you are just at the beginning and looking for a simple look, then you can start with draping. Just let the muffler hang over your shoulders. With the right complementary dressing colors, mufflers have a unique and balanced look. It preferably suits the weather on the slightly warmer side.

Around Your Neck

Muffler around a man's neck

If you are looking for mufflers to ward off the chills, then you can try around-the-neck wrapping of mufflers. All you need to do is hang the muffler over your shoulder, pick the longer length, and wrap it around your neck.

Knot It

A man draping a muffler around his neck

If you are up to going a bit further than just wrapping around mufflers, you can choose the knot look. To get the knot look, place the long end of the hanging muffler next to the short end, creating a knot with the help of space near the neck.

Reverse Drape

A man with a muffler

If you don't like the hanging muffler ends in front of you, then you can experiment with reverse draping. When you are wrapping around the neck, let the loose ends hang in the background. No more loose ends; besides, you get the picture-perfect look.

Pseudo Knot

A man with a muffler

If you prefer the knot look but feel it is too compact for you, a pseudo-knit will guide you out of the dilemma. To get this look, you can take the long end of your muffler and tie a knot-like loop. Keep it loose so that you can insert the short end of the muffler into it. Now, tighten it as per your preference. With this style, you get comfort and a rocking knot without going through its hustles.

Parisian Knot

A man with a muffler on his neck

Parisian knots have one of the classiest looks on this list. To tie a Parisian knot, fold your muffler in half before wrapping it over the neck. You can observe a space created by the folding of mufflers. In this space, place the ends of the muffler through it. And you are good to go with your classy Parisian accessory.

Reverse Drape Tuck

A man in shirt and with a muffler draped over his neck

The reverse drape works particularly well for long mufflers. You can start by wrapping the muffler around your neck and then pass both the hanging ends through the wrapped scarf to create a reverse drape.

Reverse Drape Cross

A man with a muffler draped over his neck

This is another style you can take up with long mufflers. To achieve a reverse drape cross, let the muffler hang from the shoulders. And wrap the long end twice around your neck. Now, cross it and knot it with the loose short end of the muffler.

Four In Hand

A muffler draped around a man's neck

Finally, four in hand is one of the more advanced ways of tying a muffler. It may look a bit complicated, but it suits absolutely well for strong weather. You can start the knot in a similar manner to the Parisian knot by folding the muffler in half. Follow it by pulling the long end through the loop formed. Later, take hold of the short end and pass it through the new loop formed.

Outfits With A Muffler

A man in casuals

Although mufflers can be worn over any outfit, they go with certain ones. Pay attention to what style of mufflers suits your outfits best. For instance, when you put on a blazer, you can try a fake knot or a Parisian knot. And for coats, you can go for a simple drape that will add a complementary effect to your outfit. Similarly, with jackets, you can try reverse drape styles to tuck in the muffler.


Mufflers are mostly used as winter accessories, but there is a lot more you can do to style them properly to add to their looks. By the time we sew up this fashion story, wearing a muffler becomes a canvas for personal expression rather than just a protective covering from the cold wind. The variety of ways this classic piece can be knotted, draped, and styled is proof of how adaptable it is for a man's wardrobe. Every style, whether it's the Reverse drape, the chic Parisian knot, or the simple drape, reveals a tale of style and uniqueness. Gentlemen, let your muffler serve as more than just a shield from the cold as you embrace winter; let it serve as a symbol of your sense of fashion. Mufflers are mostly used as winter accessories, but there is a lot more you can do to style them properly to add to their looks.

Written By: Sameena

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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