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The Different Face Shapes for Men and How to Know Yours

Our faces have changed and evolved over time due to cultural and environmental influences, giving us a distinctive and recognised appearance. Although a large portion of our face shapes is determined by our genes, it is up to us to make the most of the circumstances.

First impressions are frequently dependent on how someone appears. Knowing your face structure will help you choose the appropriate hairstyle, hair colour, beard style, moustache, and even eyewear to highlight your facial traits.

The significance of our face shapes

No two people are the same, but the shape of their faces can make them appear alike. It’s possible that what works for your buddy or favourite celebrity won’t work for you. It’s important to understand your face shape in order to determine what looks best on you. Not only will knowing which one it is help you make better decisions, but it will also give you more self-assurance.

Understanding which fashion will look best on a certain facial shape is already supported by science. You might learn that there are more ways than you realise to draw attention to your features.

How do I check it?

Correctly defining your head shape and facial traits is essential to following this guide to choosing a decent haircut for your face. If you don’t know what to look for, figuring out your face shape might be challenging. You’ll need a bar of soap, a mirror, and a comb to determine your shape.

1. Pull your hair away from your face with the comb. If you have long hair, pull it back with a hair tie; if not, just hold it back with one hand so you can see your face well.

2. Check out your face’s outline and reflection in the mirror. Trace the soap bar’s outline onto the mirror using a piece of the soap. Keep your head still as much as you can while doing this.

3. After you take a step back, use the drawing that was drawn on the mirror to help you compare various head shapes to your own. Decide if it belongs in the square, triangle, round, oval, or oblong category.

Men’s Different Face Shapes

Based on the above steps, men’s faces can be classified into seven different shapes. Check to see which one you fall into so you can decide what will look best on your face and body. Below is a list of the seven shapes along with celebrities who have similar face shapes so that you can compare your face shape to theirs to find out if it is the same.

1. Diamond-shaped

When the cheekbone is the widest section of the face and the forehead and jawline are small, the face has a diamond shape. With a short and pointed chin, the length of the entire face is the longest.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Johnny Depp

• Robert Pattinson

• Christian Bale

• Ryan Reynolds

2. Heart-diamond shape

If the forehead is wider than the rest of the face, one has a heart-shaped face. A sharp, angular chin is formed by the gradual sloping of the cheekbone and jawline from the sides. The face’s upper half is noticeably wider than its lower.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Nick Jonas

• Joseph Gordon-Levitt

• Bradley Cooper

3. Oblong

Oblong faces are defined as having a length that is greater than their breadth. The chin may be pointed, yet the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are typically of the same breadth. The face appears to have a long, oval or rectangular form.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Ben Affleck

• Adam Levine

• Kiefer Sutherland

• Eminem

4. Oval

The most popular face shapes are ovals because of their adaptability. This structure goes with just about any type of hairdo, beard, or glasses. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face, followed by the forehead, and the length of the face is greater than its breadth. Typically, the jawline is more rounded. The oval face frame is the most evenly balanced of the bunch. It makes sense why it has been dubbed the “most desirable” face shape for guys.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Jude Law

• Will Smith

• Jake Gyllenhaal

• George Clooney

• Enrique Iglesias

5. Round

When the width and length of the face are about equal and the width of the forehead and jawline are comparable, the face has a round shape. The jawline typically has softly curved borders and is poorly defined. A face that is round appears large and lacks distinguishing facial features. Round face forms are simple to style since the correct tools may be used to accent only the desired features.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Jack Black

• Leonardo di Caprio

6. Square

The square face shape is thought to be the most masculine. The face is roughly the same size in both length and width. The cheekbones and forehead are large, and the jawline is severe and block-shaped. The hairline is typically straight, which furthers the face’s boxy appearance. The face’s features are all distinct from one another. By using various styles, one can choose to either emphasise or minimise their features.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Nick Lachey

• David Beckham

• Henry Cavill

• Tom Cruise

7. Triangle-shaped face

In a triangle-shaped face, the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are the parts that are the widest. The jawline is strong and prominent, and the chin is pointed. To balance out the rest of the face, one should aim to add more width when styling.

Famous men with this face shape:

• Justin Timberlake

• Ryan Gosling


You should now have a good understanding of your face shape and the many looks you can wear. The above guide should help you be able to choose a certain haircut or beard style, or even accessories like glasses. You can also refer to the celebrities who have the same face shape as you to see the kinds of styles they pull off and wear. Knowing your face shape can help you experiment with different styles to see what you like and what fits you best.

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