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The Correct way to Shave your Beard

Men have been growing their facial hair since the beginning of time. If you’ve noticed, cavemen are often depicted with long and scruffy beards. This is due to the ancient presumption that the more facial hair, the more macho the man. In the last century, beards trended in and out of style, but regardless of styles and trends, some men prefer and enjoy a clean look and a smooth face, and hence shave off their beards and moustaches.

The advancement of tools and machinery has made it a lot easier and better to shave your facial hair off. With electrical shavers and trimmers, one is now able to trim and shave their beard in a matter of minutes. But for a clean and close shave, the majority of men prefer using a razor.

How do men normally shave?

Shaving with a razor can be dangerous due to the sharpness of the blade. Even an electric shaver could cut you if it is not done right. These cuts burn and could also get infected, hence it is advised to go about shaving carefully. 70% of men have already shaved by the age of 18, but that doesn’t mean they are doing it right. They are often self-taught and hence have no idea that there is a correct way to do things and an incorrect way.

Shaving the right way

Below, we will go into detail and provide a guide to a step-by-step shaving routine that men should incorporate into their daily lives for their safety and for a better look and a better shave.


Just like with every other task, preparing yourself is a must, even for something as small as a shave. Men should prepare their tools, their skin as well as their hair. Your skin under the hair should not be too dry or sensitive as it could lead to irritation and razor bumps. The hair should be soft and easy to shave off, or else it may lead to ingrown hairs and cuts on the surface. Washing your face with warm water can help soften both the skin and the hair. It will also clean off all the dirt and oil from your skin pores. Men are also advised to use a pre-shaving oil to further moisturise their skin and hair.

Shaving cream

After your face has been washed and cleaned, one must lather the beard and moustache with a good amount of shaving cream. Dry shaving should never be done. It can cause redness, itchy sensations, and irritation to the skin. Shaving creams are the same as shaving foam or gels. The product should be applied to the beard with a shaving brush. If you don’t have a shaving brush, you can use your hand, but be sure to be gentle and thorough to cover all the facial hair. There are various brands of shaving cream; one can pick out something that aligns with their preference. Try to avoid chemical-based creams, foams, and gels, as they are not ideal for the skin.

Grooming tools

Ensure you have the right tools for yourself picked out. This may vary from preference to preference, but ideally, the options range from a single-blade razor, twin-blade razor, multi-blade razor, or an electric shaver. If you’re using a razor, make sure the blade or blades are sharp, and make sure your electric trimmer is fully charged.

Strokes and direction

The razor should be used in the direction of your hair growth. It will not just make your shaving easier but also prevent cuts and wounds, as compared to when you go against the growth. Be gentle with the strokes. Hold the razor lightly and glide it over your skin to remove the beard and moustache. Ensure you are using a clean and sharp razor, and wash your razor with warm water after you have finished.

Rinse and repeat.

After getting all the hair off the first time, rinse your face with warm water, and then repeat the process. But this time, shave in the opposite direction, i.e., going against the growth. Since there is no hair, it reduces the chances of you being cut and ensures a clean and close shave. Remember to be gentle.


Once you are done with the second shave, rinse off with cold water, and then use an aftershave to soothe your skin. Aftershave lotion or gel will protect your skin from bacterial infection, skin irritation, itchiness, and redness. It also proves to have a nice scent for the wearer.

Razor change

Your razor blade needs to be disposed of. It cannot be used indefinitely. If you are using a disposable blade, make sure to use it only two or three times and then get rid of it. Alternatively, you can change your regular razor’s blade after every 6–7 shaves. After this period, the blades tend to rust a little and become blunt.


As mentioned above, just because one has been shaving for a long time does not mean they’re always doing it right. The steps above ensure safety and the cleanest, tidiest look for the user. It is important to take the time out and shave correctly for your hair and skin to be healthy and to look your very best.

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