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The Best Morning Routine for Men

Monday mornings can be the worst. The weekend has just ended and now you have to get dressed once again and work. It can be a pain in the neck, for sure, as you still have that hangover from last night’s party and getting up from the bed seems like an impossible task. You are snoozing the alarm again and again because you want ‘just 5 minutes more’, however it turns out to be 9 AM now and you have to rush through breakfast because there is no time left anymore.

Seems familiar? Perhaps it is the story of your life in some way or the other. And it’s not just you who is running around trying to find his shoes in the mornings, there are many more. The reason? You don’t have the right morning routine.

Having a morning routine is quite important for men, especially if they want to be productive and successful in their life as well as their career. The actions you take in the morning will build up your efficiency as well. Apart from that, a morning routine will increase your energy levels and have a positive influence on your attitude.

If you are up to creating a morning routine for yourself, remember that it should be meaningful for you and not something that you don’t prefer doing. We have some tips for you to create a morning routine as well. Have a look:

Wake Up Early

When it comes to waking up, you should wake up much earlier than your work timings. If your work starts at 10am, waking up at 9am and not taking a shower because a deodorant is always there for you is not healthy. Instead, wake up at 6am and start your day. We know that at first it may not be easy; it will take time to make it a habit. However, snoozing your alarm should not be an option.

Try to wake up as soon as possible. And for that you need to sleep early as well. Binge-watching Netflix should stop as soon as possible. If you are into clubbing a lot, try to come home earlier than usual. Sleeping is much more important than partying.

Once you have woken up, you have got enough spare time to add certain activities into your morning routine. This is where productivity comes in. You should enjoy your mornings through this productivity rather than rushing through them.


Now you might feel that drinking water is a normal deed; why are we even talking about it? However, a lot of people skip drinking water, the very first step after waking up and carry on with their mornings. You must drink water after waking up. In fact, you can even add some lemon juice and honey into it which helps in weight loss.

The basic point is to never skip drinking water after waking up. Dehydration can lead to a lot of health issues such as food poisoning.

Give Yourself Time

As a man, you often wake up to find yourself juggling through work emails and texts, without thinking twice. This has to stop. Once you have woken up and are done with drinking water, it is important that you spend some quality time with yourself. You can write in your journal, spend some time in meditation or just do something that you enjoy.

Apart from that, you can also indulge in reading which is a part of self-improvement. Avoid making those to-do lists for work or the grocery shopping lists. They can be taken care of later during the day. It is much better to focus on yourself and to give yourself some time. Even a bare minimum of 30 minutes are enough to spend with yourself as long as they are not about work or other things.


Once you are done with spending time with yourself, it is time to boost your physical health by working out. It doesn’t matter if you go to the nearby gym or go for a run; all you need to do is exercise. Now, you might feel too lazy to go to the local gym or indulge in running around the neighbourhood, but the truth is that exercise will shrug off that sluggishness and make you feel more energetic and productive. In the end, you will be glad that you exercised.

If you choose to go to the gym, don’t forget to do your cardio before you hit the weights. Apart from that, make sure that you opt for bench presses, deadlifts and squats. They might lead to a deadly pain later on, but it will always be worth it.

If you choose to go for a run, buy a good pair of shoes rather than going for your old ones that you bought a decade ago. Make sure they are comfortable when you run. Initially, you might be able to run only for a few kilometres, but later on you might be training for a marathon!

Take a Cold Shower

Once you are done with your workout, it is important that you take a cold shower instead of a hot one, which most men usually opt for. It is quite obvious that after working out you must be sweating a lot, so skipping shower is not an option for you. Even if cold showers are not your type, just take one for a minute instead of five in order to wake you up properly as well as for a good blood circulation.

We know that a cold shower might seem like an impossible task to you right now, however, it has a lot of benefits. Not only does it improve your immune system but also lowers your stress level. Along with that, it leads to weight loss as well as drains the lymphatic system.

With such benefits available just through a cold shower, you must go for it and add it into your morning routine. Perhaps, it might turn out to be better than your alarm clock!

A Healthy Breakfast

Skipping breakfast just because you are a busy man who runs around the clock is a bad idea. You should always have a whole-hearted breakfast, full of nutrients. A heavy breakfast doesn’t mean having last night’s cold pizza or mac and cheese. Add proteins like eggs, some fruits as well as some energy rich foods in your breakfast and you are done for the day.

Skipping breakfast will only make you less active and lethargic during the day at work and you won’t be able to perform efficiently. While having breakfast, you can spend time with your family before work begins and talk about the day as well. Apart from that, you can add a cup of coffee with your breakfast too.

Off to Work

Once you are done with breakfast and have gotten dressed as well, it is time for you to leave for work. So, say goodbye to your loved ones and get set to work with higher productivity levels and boosted energy. You will feel more active than usual and will be performing your best.

Now you can check out your work emails and texts that awaits you as well as make those pending to-do lists. Plan out all your meetings and the presentations that have to be given and be efficient at every task given to you.


When you wake up late, you don’t have much time to even eat your breakfast properly. You might be grabbing a toast and eating it on the way, while still reaching late to work, let alone working out or having a proper shower. However, once you follow this morning routine for men you will be able spend your mornings wisely and productively.

One of the most important things that we would like to mention is that you must have a proper alarm clock rather than relying on the alarm of your phone. The reason? When you switch off the alarm of your phone, you see plenty of notifications, which can be from your work emails to social media. This leads you to getting distracted and scrolling through your phone instead of waking up at the right time. Whether it’s Instagram that you’re scrolling through or checking out your boss’ email, it is only a distraction that you must avoid.

In order to let go of these distractions, buy a proper alarm clock so that you don’t need your phone to wake up every morning. Another tip that we would like to share is that you must have a de-cluttered workspace in your office. When your workspace is cluttered, it is hard to concentrate on work and be productive. So make sure that you always clean up your workspace and leave it de-cluttered once you leave work.

Following a morning routine is very important for men who want to be productive and successful in life as well as in their career. It keeps their energy levels up and makes them active. Rather than being a lazy bum, they are always on their toes, ready to do the next task after the next.

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