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Stylish summer shoes that are a must have

While we’re used to lightening our layers on top, there’s a natural inclination to overlook the layers below. However, your feet require some time in the sun as well. A man requires summer shoes for two reasons: style and temperature. Men used to wear the same suit, shirt, and shoes all year, but as they became more fashion-conscious and less formal, they began to wear seasonal clothing. Shoes should complement your clothing, so lighter-coloured shoes with softer soles look better with your lighter linen suit or chinos. We’ve also discovered that heavy winter shoes may be extremely hot in the summer, so a summer version is far more pleasant.

A well-chosen pair of summer shoes may help you glide through the day in comfort and style, whether you’re lounging by the pool or running late for work. But where does one even begin such a crucial renovation? To ease into the summer season, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 shoe styles that every man should consider.

Espadrilles: Twist Your Tongue, Not Your Feet

Espadrilles, which are light on the feet but heavy on flamboyance, are at the top of the list of summer shoes that every man should own. Espadrilles have evolved from traditional Spanish footwear to modern men’s preferred casual shoe choices, making them the ultimate summer essentials for men. These colourful and lightweight shoes are a welcome change from basic sandals and are ideal for both a day at the beach and a night out at the club.

Suede loafers: a tried-and-true semi-formal shoe

Loafers, which provide the functionality of slip-on shoes, are quickly gaining popularity for their semi-formal comfort and style. The classic suede leather in muted tones elevates your look, while the comfortable footbed and padded lining keep your sweat glands at bay. Loafers are a go-to summer shoe, whether paired with polo T-shirts and tailored pants for work or a nautical T-shirt and chino shorts for a brunch date.

Knit-Fiber Sneakers: The All-Day Pillow for Your Feet

Knit-fibre sneakers are known for their breathability and comfort, and they serve as an all-day foot pillow. These inexpensive knitted kicks are nothing like the heavy rubber-soled canvas shoes called plimsolls and can provide 14 hours of comfort, which is exactly what a guy needs to sail through a long day during the summer.

Flats: How to Do the Basics in Style

Get rid of your drab double-strap rubber. Flip-flops and flats with crisscross straps, almost exuding a gladiator feel, add a breezy vibe to your trendy button-down Cuban-collar shirt and anti-fit denim evening look. Choose shoes with a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort and a textured outsole to experiment with patterns.

The Classic White Sneaker: It Never Fails You

Consider a casual shoe that never fails to impress: a classic pair of white sneakers. These smart-casual shoes are ideal for pairing with chinos for your 9–5 office hours or denim with a slogan T-shirt for happy hour at the club afterward. And if you’re sick of the worn-in look of your sneakers from last season, consider using our sneaker care kit to restore their lustre—an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Slip-Ons: Easy on the Foot, Easier on the Pocket

Slip-ons are the most versatile type of shoe, available in a variety of materials such as PU, denim, suede, canvas, and others. Slip-ons, which mostly have sockliner cushioning, are best for a laid-back summer mood, where you just want to remove and wear the shoes as you please without having to worry about wearing socks or tying the laces. Experiment with light colours and eye-catching prints this summer to let your shoes do the talking.

Mules: A Summer Luxury

Mules are a far more luxurious version of your bedroom slippers, best known for their suave silhouettes and the versatility they add to your look. The mules are open from the back and provide enough breathability to be considered a summer staple. Mules are ideal additions to your summer linens, looking great with relaxed pants and one-pocket cotton shirts, as well as ethnic wear.

Kolhapuris: Lending Elegance to Your Ethnic Numbers

Kolhapuri chappals are leather slippers made in India that are braided by hand and coloured with natural dyes. Kolhapuri chappals, or Kolhapuris as they are often called, are a type of sandal with an open toe and a T-shaped strap. With comfort and style blended together, kolhapuris are perfect for your summer needs.

Sliders: Slide into summer in style

With a pair of pool sliders, you can make a smooth transition into the summer. Sliders are stylish and durable summer shoes that can go with you on vacation, to a pool party, or even to a jam session. They are the perfect choice for your comfort and casual needs.

Go green with eco-friendly flip-flops

Any of the other shoes on our list might or might not make it onto your summer shoe list, but flip-flops are a must-have. We keep throwing away one or two pairs of shoes every few seasons, so why not buy something that will last and is good for the environment? Consider buying up cycled and Eco-friendly flip-flops, which are not only trendy but also help you take a step toward a better future.

The Bottom line

Shoes are one of the most important parts of a guy’s style, no matter what time of year it is. They make a man look sharp and can change the look of any outfit. Let’s face it, not every guy likes accessories, but shoes are something you can never have too many of. And now that you have a lot of styles to choose from, we hope you’ll be able to make a decision about how to change up your summer wardrobe.

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