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Stylish Shoes that Every Man Needs

They say that you know a person by looking at the type of shoes they wear, which always holds true. Shoes are subtle but irreplaceable to our fashion that can make or break any outfit. No outfit can be complete without a pair of stylish shoes to wrap it up.

Shoe fashion for men has always been abundant. From casual to formal to lazy slip-ons, men are given a wide array of choices for footwear. But not every footwear or shoe can be deemed stylish and should not be owned if you do not want it. For a man, you need only six pairs of shoes that can be worn in casual and formal situations.

Read on ahead to learn more about the must-have pair of stylish shoes every man must own!

Clean pair of Loafers

Every man should own a classy-looking pair of loafers. They are the most comfortable and versatile pair of shoes out there. They can be dressed up or down with most outfits in both formal and casual wear and can be easily slipped on, making you look suave. We recommend you buy a simple pair with a minimal look, nothing too fancy, as going for dressier loafers means you cannot wear them with casual wear.

Suave Chelsea Boots

A pair of Chelsea boots can never go wrong and are a go-to pair of stylish shoes with any winter wear outfit. Chelsea shoes have been around for quite some time, and they are here to stay for a good reason! They look amazing with any casual outfit and give a man an edge in his whole fashion game. Buying a pair of neutral-coloured Chelseas, such as a brown or tan, is the smart move as they would look best with any outfit you can think of.

Trendy sneakers

A good pair of minimal-looking sneakers is the go-to stylish shoe for any man. It’s versatile, comfortable, and the most basic fashion statement for any man. A pair of minimally designed white sneakers is the most basic, yet it can make any outfit look smart and modern. The classic white t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers are always an evergreen outfit for any man that wants to look fashionable in the most casual way possible.

Monk Strap dress shoes

A pair of monks can never go wrong. They are the manliest and most rugged-looking shoes a man can own. Whether you prefer a double or a single strap, monk shoes are the best stylish shoes any man can invest in without thinking for a second. They are versatile, long-lasting and can give any outfit a mature and sober look. A brown pair of double-strap monks can be a lifesaver and must-have for men.

Workout Shoes

Any modern man needs to own a pair of athletic or running shoes for those morning jogs, going to the gym, or simply going out on a casual walk. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes a man can own and are a versatile piece of fashion accessory in your wardrobe. They are the king of comfort, look smart and need minimal maintenance. A pair of mesh running shoes is an ideal example of athletic shoes that fits every criterion mentioned.

A pair of beaters

Speaking of low maintenance in running shoes, every man must own a pair of shoes that he can wear easily to run errands, wear on rainy days, and go out on quick rides. A pair of beater shoes is what will help you in such moments. They are cheap, comfortable, need little to no maintenance, and will be your best friend when you do not want to wear one of your good pairs and want to wear something comfortable without worrying if it gets dirty or messed up. Apart from your well-invested stylish shoes, beater shoes are a must-have in any man’s possession.


Shoes are a man’s best friend in terms of fashion. They have been in the men’s fashion game way before we can ever remember and have not changed much throughout the years. Even though new shoe styles have been coming out over the years, they never remain long enough for anyone to remember. The ones mentioned in this list are some pairs of evergreen shoes worn by men for generations and will never go out of style. Invest in these stylish shoes, and we guarantee you won’t ever need to waste your money on any other shoe.

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