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Styling Mistakes Most Men Make

As a man is raised from just a boy to a teenager and then to a full grown adult, he certainly plays with the coming and going fashion trends, experimenting with his hair, clothes and much more to look trendy. From baggy jeans to body hugging tees, men try anything and everything to stay with the trends. However, whether it is the 1980s or 2022, men have often made styling mistakes that one should certainly avoid.

Men unknowingly make these styling mistakes thinking that they are looking their best, however, the truth is that a loose suit or showing your underpants is not always trending. It is high time for men to buckle up and learn about the styling mistakes that they have been making (or might make in the future).

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with the common styling mistakes that most men make. Have a look:

Branded Tees

Wearing branded tees is not a crime for a man, however, going over the top with them is certainly a styling mistake. Tees with huge brand logos should certainly be avoided rather than being flaunted at an event. Instead, go for a monochromatic tee with small sized logos that do not scream out loud.

Loose Fitting Trousers

While buying trousers, most men buy loose fitting trousers from the waist, believing that they will fit them later on. However, wearing loose fitting trousers, such as chinos or a pair of jeans is a huge styling mistake, as it can make you look as if you have a paunch, which you can avoid by just buying perfectly fitting trousers.

Showing Your Undershirt

Wearing an undershirt is not wrong for a man, especially in winters when it is too cold to even step outside of the house that it kind of becomes a fashion choice. However, it should not show when you are wearing a shirt over it. It is basically a part of your underwear, so according to styling rules it should not be visible. If possible, wear a V neck undershirt so that it does not show when you are wearing your shirt over it.

Accessorising too much

We understand your love for accessories when you dress up for an event. Although, if you are suiting up for a date or a party, wearing too many accessories like chains, rings, tie, watch and much more would be the wrong thing to do. Instead, go minimal with your accessories and wear any three. Chains should certainly be avoided as they are no longer in the trend. You could wear a ring and a watch is a must for sure.

Sandals with Socks

Wearing sandals once in a while is fine for men, however if you are wearing socks along with it, then the fashion police should definitely be given a call. Sandals are meant to be worn barefoot, not with socks.

Suit with Sneakers

So you are dressing up with a suit to go on a date but are wearing sneakers with it. Another styling mistake which needs to be avoided. Suits need to be worn with dress shoes not with any kind of sneakers. Make sure that sneakers are avoided with your suit.

Tucked in Tees

If you have been tucking your tees into your trousers, thinking that it makes you look cool, it has actually made you look the complete opposite. Tees are meant to be untucked, whether you wear them with a pair of jeans or shorts.

Baggy Dress Shirt

Just like ill fitting trousers, ill fitting or baggy dress shirts too are the wrong option to go for. A baggy dress shirt will simply make you look frumpier and stumpier. It is a rookie mistake that most men have been making. The best option to go for is to buy the best fitting dress shirt available.

Curling Collar

If you have just started wearing dress shirts, you might not be aware of the fact that the collar of a dress shirt should not be curled and should stay straight. Men often end up curling the collar of their dress shirt which is a styling mistake. If possible, try to get your dress shirt dry cleaned instead of washing it so that the collar remains straight.

Buttoning All Jacket Buttons

So you have dressed up in a suit for a work meeting or perhaps a special date. However, if you have been buttoning the bottom buttons of a two buttons or a three buttons suit, you have been making a terrible styling mistake. The bottom buttons are supposed to be left open for enhanced comfort and natural movement.

Too Long or Too Short Tie

If you need to wear a tie, with or without a suit, there is a simple rule for it; the tip of your tie should rest between the top and bottom of your belt buckle. If your tie is too long or too short, do not step out of the house before you re-tie your tie and make it look right.

Matching too much

While you are wearing a suit with a matching tie and pocket square thinking that it makes you look dapper, it is actually a huge styling mistake that you are making. It actually makes you look contrived and overdone. You can always go for a pocket square that compliments your tie or just choose a white one to go for.


Trends may come and trends may go but these are some of the styling mistakes that you should never commit. If you have already made a few of these, there is always time for improvement for you. Apart from that, if you were about to make one of these mistakes, you already know what not to do when it comes to styling and fashion. So whether you are going for a date or a job interview, make sure that none of these styling mistakes are ever made by you. Happy Styling!

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