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Styling mistakes Men Make

At some point in our life we all thought styling ourselves in one colour was enough. Matching the colours or style of the entire outfit and we are good to go, but that isn’t the case, is it?

Fashion—on a fundamental level—has rules and afterward, it doesn’t. Patterns are thumped down quicker than they are established. It’s the strain among innovativeness and design laws that makes it so invigorating. This is the reason to define a line between fashion and style.

There are thousands of fashion trends around us and all of them change according to season and time but what good are trends if there are errors in our basic style.

A floral shirt might seem off if the size doesn’t fit right and ripped jeans do look decent but the 90s are long gone. We don’t want you making such horrible mistakes and falling into the tremors of a fashion faux pas. So here are some mistakes you can easily avoid while styling your look.

  1. Relying on trends instead of timeless fashion

How many of you would like to wear bell bottoms and tight shirts accompanying them with a solid gold chain to go with? None of us, right? We all know that look is long gone with Amitabh Bacchan taking retirement from action scenes and it mostly existed in the 80s. Similarly, trends come and go and Quick styles, apart from being mass-created, modest and impractical, approach trends. It’s a hasty purchase.

Timeless fashion, then again, advances complexity, quality and an opportunity to start your trend. Presently, that is cool and practical.

  1. Wearing ill-fitting clothes and flashing underwear

Know this, if your suit fits right, you can look as sharp as Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. Be that as it may, when your outfit is excessively loose or excessively close, it removes the essence of the design. You could be wearing an outfit studded with precious stones and still look blah or you could get the intent of your essential T-shirt right and reflect executioner certainty. Another error young fellows make is following the strides of Saif Ali Khan from his Salaam Namaste days by glimmering their underwear. Entertainers do it to promote brands, what’s your reason? It might appear to be cool to streak your Levi’s, DKNY or Calvin Klien underwear. In case you’re an understudy or a functioning proficient, this pattern will harm your character.

  1. Dress to impress and not for comfort

You don’t need to stay aware of Diljit and Badshah except if you’re actually welcome to every one of their shows. Jokes aside, fashion and style are less about dazzling and more about communicating. So if solace accommodates your taste, particularly following an extended period of working in fighters and PJs, make it your go-to. A year prior, extravagance implied flaunting yet presently, feeling great is the new rich

  1. Cheap clothes or brand shows

Everyone will look and notice and no one’s going to know, these two statements can largely influence the decision of buying a t-shirt for a man. For the first one, the man is determined to buy clothing that he can flaunt making him brand specific and on the other hand, he can go for a cheap fabric to save his money. Well both of the options are wrong.

While buying cheap clothes sounds inexpensive and might make you feel like you have saved a lot of money, they tend to lose their value after a wash or two. It is a short term investment and is bad for the environment too.

Investing your money on a branded outfit is also a good option but a big Gucci sign on your shirt doesn’t imply style. A sophisticated dresser isn’t concerned about flashing brands, but in showing off colour and texture and what they converse.

  1. Over-accessorizing or overdressing

Accessorizing can add a lot of style to your current outfit and make you the charmer of the crowd but wearing cufflinks, tie, chains, shiny watch, sunglasses, lapel pin, all at once isn’t the best option. You can pair one or two accessories with your current outfit to up the ante of your current style. Men can always try to overcompensate by dressing tightly and heavily for a formal event, but the rule is the same – less is more.

To sum up, we can say fashion is freedom but elegant styling and fashion failures are also terms that have a meaning. You can make a 599 Pyjama bottom look like it is from the wardrobe of Akshay Kumar, it is completely upon you. Style is personal and make sure to convey it right!

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