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Styling a Black Suit is not as easy as men believe

A black suit sounds like a sensible, adaptable and easy choice for your wardrobe if fashion guidelines are to be followed, right? It’s a myth that putting on a black suit can instantly make you appear mysterious. Hollywood is to blame for movies like The Matrix and Men in Black. And many other famed characters that have donned the black suit perfectly.

For many men, a black suit is their go-to outfit. However, that does not imply that it should be for you, particularly if you work in an office and value appearance. To learn when to wear one and when to avoid one, continue reading!

Black is not flattering

A black suit simply doesn’t look good on most men. Black absorbs other colours and lightens your complexion, unless you have a high contrast complexion. You run the danger of appearing waxy and pasty if you wear black. Try a navy or grey suit if you want to appear strong, young, and healthy.

Black is the least versatile suit colour to match shirts and ties to, despite its claim to “versatility”. Black will dominate other colours worn with it, such as pink, light blue, or pastels. White shirts, like the Alistair Premium White Twill, are the only ones that truly complement a black suit. Additionally, it will be more challenging to pair different jackets and pants together. Black clashes unfavourably with blue and is difficult to match with other grey tones. What’s worse is that attempting to match two blacks made of a different fabric or weave will never appear right and will be out of place. A charcoal suit is an alternative to a black suit. Charcoal offers you a wider variety of colours to express your uniqueness and is easier to pair with other colours.

At formal gatherings and funerals, a black suit has its time and place. Black is a lifeless, flat colour that won’t do your complexion any favors. To look your best, wear navy or dark charcoal. Better yet, visit a Joe Button showroom where they have available, a wide range of textures, patterns, and colours to create a suit that is uniquely you and will make you stand out at work.

Occasions where a black suit is appropriate

  1. Funerals

As you may have anticipated, funerals would be the first instance. A black business suit can provide the necessary sombre tone for a funeral; however, formal daywear or evening wear is often perceived as being too festive in tone. Black has a historical relationship and connotation with anything sorrowful.

  1. Music performances

While white tie and black tie are still associated with the field of classical music, a more modern and widely accepted alternative to these dress rules has been the advent of the so-called “concert black tie” dress code. The goal is to make the musical group as unified and consistent-looking as possible so that the audience’s attention will be drawn to the music itself.

  1. Professional

If you’re a student, maybe MBA OR Lawyer or your profession follows the black suit with shite shirt dress code then you have no other option but to adorn it elegantly. Remember to keep the materials of the coat and pants similar so that you don’t appear shabby and drab. A uniform is something you every day so better style it up in a classy way.

How to Look Good in a Black Suit

  1. A tailored fit

We do think you may wear a black suit throughout the day without it looking like it’s swallowing you up if you have a slightly trimmer cut in a more current style, but not too slender. You do not want to look like you’re getting swallowed up by your suit the whole day, so go for a more tailored fit that looks modern and has a sharp cut. Do not go for anything too slender as there is the possibility it might make you look too thin. Just make sure that your shoulders, chest, and midsection are all properly fitting and that your pants aren’t too baggy or puddle up around your ankles.

  1. Add a touch of colour

Only a small percentage of males will look good in the black suit, white shirt, and black-tie ensemble. The dismal tone of the black suit will therefore be somewhat lessened by adding a colourful shirt, tie, or other accessories to liven up the look.

  1. Avoid anything shiny

An all-black outfit with a cheap, shiny finish will make you look more like an adolescent wearing his first suit than anything else. You should aim to choose wool or wool mixes rather than synthetics when buying a suit because they will have a more refined appearance and a more matte texture. Your suit will also have a little more personality if the weave is a little more textured. In connection with that, patterned black suits can look more lively than solid ones. You should avoid wearing bold stripes unless you want to dress like a Mafia cosplay for Halloween, but a subtle pinstripe or wide check pattern might work. Just remember to do it with confidence if you’re wearing a black suit with a pattern.

  1. Be confident

In many circumstances, a suit in a neutral hue like navy or charcoal would be far more adaptable and elegant. Because of this, it takes confidence to say, “I know the rules well enough to flout them,” even while wearing a black suit. The goal with any outfit is to give the impression that you are wearing it rather than letting it wear you.


In conclusion, while there are some situations in which a black suit would be appropriate, we don’t think that any gentleman’s wardrobe should consist solely of black suits. Dark hues like blue and charcoal are the norm for men’s suits. They are neutral, if not slightly staid, and appropriate for a variety of settings and occasions, such as dressing professionally for a job interview, going to a networking event or cocktail hour, or attending a wedding. We hope that this article has given you the idea you need to keep in mind when to wear and when to avoid a black suit.

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