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Struggles of bearded men

We young men are currently learning the hard way that, , great responsibility comes with a great beard. Bearded men love to live by this quote!

Sure, having a beard is pretty amazing, it makes you look lot hotter, and it even gets you all the attention, but did anyone ever tell you what a man with a long beard has to go through? I think not! So here we are, informing you all of issues that only a bearded man can comprehend.

You will practically be stared to death. Right, left, centre, up, down, through you, and possibly even to the other side. It’s not even funny. The number of looks you’ll receive when you have a beard is awkward at first, but you’ll grow used to it quickly.

Young children would really like to play with your beard. Your patience will be put to the test if you’re constantly being called obnoxious names like Baba Ramdev to tease you. But I’m telling you, you’ll get through that phase.

People mistake you for another random bearded men they know since, allegedly, bearded men all have the same appearance. like, seriously?

Your mom keeps telling you to trim your beard or she won’t talk to you, and your dad, as usual, doesn’t care much about this topic (because dads are the coolest).

Your family members believe you are in shock because you have recently broken up with someone or are feeling down. It gets tedious responding to questions like “Why are you growing a beard?” and “When are you going to cut it?”

It might be tough to find a date at this time, and receiving a kiss might be hard (unless you are Dan Bilzerian). Many of your male friends will compliment you on your wild beard, and many girls will also compliment you on it, but be warned: none of the girls will want to date you. Either the girl or the beard is the problem. You need to make a decision. Furthermore, if you are currently in a relationship, don’t even imagine that your girl will kiss you because there is practically no place.

Eating out, especially large meals like burgers, might be harmful to your health. If you are eating out, you cannot eat quietly. You’re constantly concerned about whether your beard is dirty. But no matter how hard you try, leftovers will undoubtedly end up on your beard rather on your plate.

Maintaining a beard is a major task. Your beard requires more time to style than your hair does. Contrary to appearances, it requires much more work. Shaving cream and razors are replaced by beard oils and shampoos. You routinely arrive late for work, and those around you have grown accustomed to it.


Even if it’s challenging, when you grow a beard, you know what’s in store for you. And if you had the guts to preserve it, I have no doubt that nothing would bother you more than shaving it off. You must decide between the beard and the rest of the world, as I already stated. I’ve made mine and among the proud bearded men. How about you?

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