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Skincare to do with Bae

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Skin care should be a part of routine for everyone. Although, with less time and more stress, men end up giving less attention to their skin. Couple skin care routines have been on the rise. And rightly so. Having a partner who is not only there in your different moments of life, but is also ready to have calming and peaceful moments while also doing some skin care is a plus.

With the weekend approaching are you and your bae looking to spend some quality time? Also, if this weekend you are planning to spend some time at home or may indulge in activities that will not only help you relax but also be great for your skin, then we have all the ideas for you.

Face Masks:

Face Masks have been in trend and are really helpful. The very first step should be that you cleanse and put on some serum according to both of your skin types. The next part is to choose a face mask. With evolving skin care, there are now a variety of masks like cucumber, aloe-vera, charcoal etc available in the market. Choose one that you and your partner both like.

After putting on any mask, it is required that you and your partner relax and let the mask do its magic. This is the quality time when you will get to enjoy and share your thoughts with your partner. Men tend to take time while opening up, well this is your cue to take that heavy weight off your chest and share.

Spa Therapy:

Spas are a much required activity for your body and mind. With a variety of kinds of spa therapies around, couple spa therapy has become a trend. So, what exactly happens during a spa couple therapy?

A spa couple therapy means getting a massage with different kinds of oils, in the same room from different mousseouses. A shared relaxing moment where you can feel more connected to your partner.

Manicure and Pedicure:

Yes, men also need manicures and pedicures. There are many hardworking jobs that men do which result in stress on your skin. Scratches on your hands or skin peeling off, means you need a manicure or pedicure to heal the skin and make it soft again.

Manicure means the professional will fill down the nails, shape the cuticles, buffing and in the end softening the skin. The same is for pedicure but for your feet. These procedures are also required for healthy skin.


Being in a close space with your partner, where at the same time your skin is letting go of all the toxins might just be the exact thing that your relationship needs.

This might sound like an alien concept to many. But, the truth is the proximity to your partner while sweating out could lead to a bond that everyone might not have.

Night time routine

To keep our skin healthy and shiny, it’s important that we moisturise and have a night time skincare routine. Everyone according to their skin types have different skincare routines. This can range from using serums, toner, Vitamin C, moisturiser, hyaluronic acid to other forms of cleansers and required moisturisers.

Sharing this activity before hitting the bed with your partner can be extremely fulfilling and also makes sure that you both get that perfect, restful sleep.

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