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Six Office Wear Smart Formal Styles that can give any Man an Edge at the Workplace

If as a man you have been looking to make a difference in your smart office wear, Tistabene offers some recommendations.

By: Siddharth Darda, Tistabene Owner

Office wear should be smart and professional but at the same time, it should be a style statement.  The working environment has changed a lot over the years and it has become mandatory to look formal in many offices. There are many companies out there that say that they pay attention to the attire of the employees. You need to make sure that you are dressed professionally to fit in the corporate world.

It’s time to ditch the dull-colored clothes and step into the shoes of your desired formal self. It’s time to consider your clothing options wisely and style yourself accordingly. A simple yet smart change in style can make a lot of difference.

What if the smart formal wear you are wearing is not the fit for you and your work environment?

An important aspect of every person’s life is their workplace. Your workplace not only decides how you live your life, but it also decides how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with your work. So, you must maintain proper work attire to be able to overcome different obstacles at your workplace and maintain a professional image.

What if it is not the fit for you and your work Result: People will judge you because of the improper attire that you have worn to the workplace. You will not be able to achieve the highest level of productivity. This is why we have brought you a list of Tistabene’s office wear smart formal styles that will give you an edge at your workplace.

Blue Stripe Shirt

A formal shirt is a staple for every man’s wardrobe. It’s necessary for a professional environment but it does not necessarily have to be boring. Tistabene’s Blue Stripe Shirt is a great way to step up your office wardrobe game with comfortable and stylish formal wear that you’ll love wearing again and again! This shirt is made of authentic cotton and has comfort fit, regular collar, and long sleeves. Style it with black dress pants to complete an ultimate classic look.

Check Digital Printed Crepe Shirt

This Digital Printed Crepe Shirt is one of the best clothing items for your new wardrobe. It can easily take you to the heights of fashion and make you look simply attractive. Feel comfortable in these shirts with regular collars, full sleeves, and crepe fabric that comes with a digital print on it. These are perfect office wear shirts that will give an edge to your formal style statement at work. You can wear these printed shirts both with gray or black pants for a sharp look to be admired by all.

White Jaipuri Printed Cotton Shirt

A Jaipuri shirt is a trendy and simple piece of clothing that you can wear within your office or at other formal events as well. This regular-fit cotton shirt features a full-sleeved comfort fit you can easily pair with a plain white chino or you can wear it as an addition to your work wear. It comes with a normal collar and it has small printed patterns on the whole shirt, thus lending this versatile garment a stylish look.

Grey Jaipuri Printed Cotton Shirt

Grey Jaipuri Printed Cotton Shirt is made from the best cotton material. It’s got grey lehriya lining up against the white cotton material. This full sleeve shirt has a simple regular collar giving it an intricate look. The material is smooth on the skin making this one of your go-to shirts during summer Wear it with black Pleated Pants and white shoes. It’s gently pressed so there are hardly any wrinkles after coming out of its packaging which leaves it looking nice for that business meeting you might have or even for a casual outing with friends.

Steel Blue Printed Jaipuri Shirt

Steel Blue Printed Jaipuri Cotton Shirt is a solid office wear shirt that would pair nicely with a pair of black pants on workdays. It’s made of cotton with a regular collar and full sleeves to give you simple, comfortable office wear for your day. This shirt is machine washable, has high-quality material to make it durable, and dries quickly after washing. The lightweight fabric also makes it ideal for layering under oversized coats for the winter or keeping cool in the summer. Perfect for your day-to-day office wear needs!

Tie And Dye Ombre Chinese Collar Shirt

If you are looking for a fashion statement, then this blue tie and dye ombre Chinese collar shirt is the most perfect option for you. This shirt is also a smart formal style that will give you an edge in your workplace. It is made from superior quality fabric and is quite long-lasting and easy to maintain. You may also wear it for any other occasion or event with denim jeans or simple chinos. It’s made of cotton with a mandarin collar and full sleeves to give you a comfortable fit.


After going over the important aspects of formal office wear, we concluded that this style of clothing should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. So if you are looking for a new style for the office, these six smart formal office wear styles can be a good starting point.

About the Author

An entrepreneur with a zeal and zest to grow, a simple approach, “every startup has a story” Siddharth excelled on to building various platforms in time to come. He went through a regressive market research to unearth the gaps and funnel the strategies and position. Introduced newer brands with more awareness and market penetration capabilities. Siddharth with his team reasoned to understand and work on success mantra like MPF & MPV.

The quest began and perseverance being the attitude to self-motivation manifested the path ahead, he set the bar and today is the proud founder of unique start-ups.

With prowess and immense business acumen, today Tistabene has firmly set ground in three verticals like Apparels, Fashion Jewellery and Home and Living.

Siddharth’s innovation has helped the organisation build an impression of good work being attributed to the industry.

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