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Simple Steps for a Modish Shave 

Learning to shave uber-modishly is imperative for those looking to simplify their morning ritual. So, it’s a balancing act to rapidly shave your face without irritating your skin. Use these simple steps to shave quickly & look à-lá-modé.

Prepare the night before

Therefore, this first piece of advice is not for the guys making a fast dash to get out of the door but for those who want to streamline their shaving time. Being organised will help you reduce the time you spend shaving. Set out all your necessary shaving supplies on the bathroom counter, so they are ready to use in the morning. Included are your razor, shaving cream, aftershave, and any other supplies you might require. Make sure your blades are clean, and remember to change them if they show signs of wear for more immaculate results.

Use a Shaving Gel

Since time is of the essence in this situation, it can be worth applying a shaving lubricant that will help you win the race against time, like shaving gel. Shaving gel is translucent, as opposed to cream or foam, making it simpler to move your razor quickly and precisely. Not to mention, since you can see precisely where you’re shaving, you’ll eliminate a lot of guesswork from using the razor. Any soap-free clear shaving gel is fantastic for a quick shave. It is simple to use and removes the razor quickly. Additionally, cleanup is quite simple; all it takes is a quick towel sweep.

Use a Cartridge razor

Your shaving routine can vastly benefit from the use of a safety razor. It might give you a closer shave and lessen skin sensitivity. However, these are not a smart option if you’re in a rush because they require your attention and a steady hand. For those last-minute shaving needs, consider switching to a cartridge razor. They are very efficient and practical enough to complete the task. Look for a good quality cartridge razor if you’re looking for high-end shaving gear. Any razor with a stainless-steel head and a beechwood handle is a terrific complement to your grooming set.

Use a multi-purpose aftershave

It’s imperative to have a post-shave routine in place to minimise any redness in the skin. Our post-shave routine can take a lot of time because of our moisturisers, aftershaves, and antibacterial lotions. Instead, spending money on a single post-shave product that can cure, rehydrate, and soothe the skin is worthwhile. You can go right, for instance, with these after-shave serums. They aid in curing any nicks or cuts and moisturise, tone, and soften the skin. Furthermore, they don’t sting when applied, unlike many other aftershaves. These serums will not only help you leave the house more quickly, but they will also hydrate your skin and keep you looking your best.


Learning to shave faster is a must-know skill for blokes with a busy morning routine. Though with the proper habits, you can come out the other side looking uber sharp, evenly shaved, and with little to no skin irritation at all seasons.

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