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Shawl for men : A classic luxury fashion trend

Winter is coming, so we’re all seeking for winter clothing to buy, including pure wool, pashmina, and cashmere shawls to keep us warm and toasty. Do you truly wish to improve comfort and make an impression on others? Palak Sharma has curated to help you choose one of the newest winter shawl designs below for guys in 2022.

You can always purchase a wide variety of Pakistani shawls for men online, but make sure the fabric and design are of the highest caliber possible because unique shawls are a classic gift for the wintertime of the year.

Men’s beige winter shawls

The majority of males who buy shawls do so in the Ajrak and Sindhi styles. Winter shawl designs with subtle needlework, one’s own prints, block prints, Kashmiri shawls, and Balochi shawls are all extremely popular. They have a little amount of embroidery and also give off a manly vibe.

Although wearing a shawl with a shalwar kamiz or kurta is quite cultural, some individuals do wear them with western attire by shortening the length with a scarf, muffler, or another accessory. Recently, it has been popular to think of shawls and chaadar as belonging to the elderly or those who are not sufficiently updated. But things aren’t like this anymore. Even the grooms carry large decorated shawls throughout the wedding ceremony since they are so fashionable.

When it comes to clothing options, ladies have a lot to select from. But what about men?

They also have the option of shawls for them, along with the warm winter uppers such long casual coats, blazers, and winter jackets. Of course, shawls aid in keeping their neck and torso warm without suffocating them like sweaters or high-necks do.

Winter shawl pattern in brown, Black, grey, brown, dark navy blue, dark blackish green, blackish maroon, white, and off whites are prominent colors of winter shawls or capes for men when it comes to beautiful hues, pastels.

Choose a gorgeous shawl to carry when you don’t want to ruin the appearance of your outfit, such as a Kurta Shalwar or Kurta pajama.

Look at these suggested color schemes!

Black and gray shawls are the most popular color options and are very frequent among Pakistanis. Choose a shawl with a simple black knot tassel or one that is plain with a thin line running along the edges on all four sides. It could seem as several fine lines, a thin ray, any print, or needlework. Even a self print does a great job of giving a man’s shalwar qamiz appearance more aura.

Chadar can also be embroidered with large clusters of designs, both by hand and by machine. They both appear quite classy and respectable at the same time. They go well with all colors of clothing.

Full cloth embroidered or patchworked items are also quite popular outside of Pakistan and serve to represent our nation elsewhere.

SHAWLS IN BROWN, CREAM, BEIGE, OR WHITE: These are thought to be the most classy, refined, and sober hues to choose. These hues are usually the greatest options for folks who don’t want anything stand out or who want to keep it light and airy.

Once more, you have the option of using only a tiny, basic shawl or chadar without lining along the edges. Add some gorgeous embroidery of your choice to make it look nicer.

PURPLE/INDIGO BLUE, BLUE, AND GREEN SHAWLS: These are some strikingly all-purpose hues. By experimenting a little with the colours of these colors, such as purple, green, and orange, we mean that both men and women can wear them.

firstly, get to Greens. If males wish to add color to their wardrobe, they should carry darker tones of green like dark blackish green, leaf green, and plum green as well as lighter shades like baby green and peach green.

Dark blues like navy blue and dark blackish royal blue are popular choices for men’s clothing, as are lighter blues like sky blue and baby blue. It depends on the type of clothing you are wearing when wearing a Kashmiri gent’s shawl.

DECORATIVE MAROON SHAWL :Winter shawl patterns in maroon are next in line. Since this hue is ubiquitous, anyone of any age or gender can choose to not wear it. Without a doubt or second thought, maroon in whatever shade is a fantastic complement. As we previously stated, design and embroidery are entirely up to you. The available embroidery options have already been explained.

Maroon, though, is a color that men may wear in all of its variations.

Once again, it is that time of year. It’s time to get out our necessities now that winter has arrived. everything from your favorite jackets, boots, cardigans, and shawls are available. The modest shawl is often overlooked in favor of more fashionable clothing, yet it may actually make a statement. Your shawl can be worn as a coat over your shoulders for warmth and comfort or as a scarf to look stylish. The shawl also goes beautifully with all the exquisite ethnic clothing you have in your closet. Whatever the case may be, don’t be afraid to show off your shawl by pulling it out of the back of your wardrobe.

The shawl may be worn in a variety of ways.

Like a scarf, encircle your neck with it.

Wrapping the shawl over your neck like a scarf is one of the nicest ways to wear and display it. Simply adjust it so that both ends are the same length.

Cinch it around your waist.

Clinching the shawl at the waist is one of the most stylish winter-ready ways to wear it. In fact, it might be the finest technique to conceal a wrinkled shirt inside a pair of jeans.

Wrap a blanket across your casual attire.

Simply put on your typical pair of trousers and shirt, then loosely cover your shoulders and arms with a shawl. As long as you can carry it, it can be stylish and comfy.

Wrap in asymmetrical

Using the asymmetrical wrap is a creative method to drape the shawl over your ethnic clothing. one-shoulder glance.

The shawl can be worn in one of the most exquisite ways by simply wrapping it around the shoulder, making sure that the length is longer in the front and shorter in the rear. The drape looks its best when worn with ethnic attire like a sherwani or dhoti-kurta.

Wear it as a jacket.

To do this correctly, simply wrap the shawl around both shoulders until you feel secure and at ease. This is one of the shawl’s simplest methods to wear it, and it also appears chic.


It might be particularly difficult for men to drape a shawl or chaadar. Small errors might ruin the air of a wonderful shawl or garment you are carrying in addition to making it look odd. Therefore, it is important to take care with this.

  1. The basic shawl should be worn with a clothing that has texture, and embroidered shawls look best with plain kameez shalwar.

  2. Shawls in tan or beige tones and various hues of black can be used with virtually any outfit because they are so versatile.

  3. Avoid wearing chadar with slacks or suits since it will go horribly wrong. In reality, no one does it, but some individuals do attempt to carry it while wearing jeans, which is unattractive.

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