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Seamless Overnight Oats

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Quick, Simple & Healthy recipe to deal with busy morning schedule. Best for Him Team

Mornings can be hectic where you have to accomplish your morning fitness regime, dress up smart for work, leave early to beat the traffic and ensure that you don’t miss out on any important message from your office. In all this, there is the only one thing that gets compromised and no brownie points for guessing i.e. Breakfast. However, there is a certain means to not let your first meal of the day get ignored with a seamless, easy-to-make and eat breakfast option i.e. ‘Overnight Oats’.

Oats is a whole grain food that serves a great source of most essential carbs to keep you running the whole day and fiber to keep you satisfied until your next meal. Moreover, oats contain a higher portion of protein and nutrition than any other. Thus, having oats decked up with fruits, nuts and seeds is a great combination of health and taste.


  1. Oats- half a cup

  2. Milk- 3-4 cups

  3. Finely chopped fruits

  4. Nuts or seeds- handful

  5. Honey or Stevia sugar

  6. Curd- 1/4th cup

How to

Take a jar, add 3-4 cups milk of your choice, half a cup oats, 1/4th cup curd and lastly add nuts or seeds of your choice. Close the jar with a tight lid and place it in the refrigerator

In the morning, take out the jar, open it and mix it. Now add fruits of your choice, seasonal fruits are highly advised as they are healthy and ensure that your current body’s requirements of the body, depending upon the season, are fulfilled.

Lastly, if you have a sweet-tooth, then add honey or stevia sugar as your taste on the top and cherish the easiest delicious oats.

You can easily have this meal while reading your morning dose of news, emails and making a schedule of your day.

Overnight oats, a wholesome meal, can be teamed up with a glass of hot or cold coffee or with simmering tea to energise your mornings. Also, if you are lazy around and looking for some healthy snack on a weekend, then overnight oats can satisfy your tastebuds with essential nutrients.

Happy Healthy Breakfast!

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