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Rakshabandhan Outfits for Brother-Sister Duo

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Rakshabandhan is all about buying presents, eating home cooked food, taking photographs and obviously spending quality time with your sisters. For many of us, finding the right outfit for the occasion is an equally crucial part of the festival. At the end of the day, isn’t it the most painstaking task to choose the best snaps for your Instagram feed? By teaming up with your sister in this game, you can get all those likes and comments! How? By matching up your outfit with your sister. Make the most out of it by capturing some brother-sister duo photographs! Read on to get your eyes on some amazing Raksha Bandhan outfits for brother-sister duo.

When we talk about Rakshabandhan outfits, some of us want to go all surreal, while some of us like to walk through the day in our trusty jeans and black tee!

If you still haven’t decided on your outfit for the occasion, you’re at the right page. After all, a little experiment doesn’t hurt.

Fun fact: you must involve your sister in this game, for it’s time for a brother-sister duo moment!

This Rakshabandhan, team up with your sister by matching your outfits with some style! We’ve got the right options for you, from quirky ethnic looks to classic fits.

Here are some Rakshabandhan outfits for brother-sister duo:

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are the most versatile and androgenous clothing pieces that can be found in every wardrobe. To spruce up your basic kurta-pyjama look, add a light-washed denim jacket to your outfit.

Go for a classic pair of sandals to give your attire a laid back yet classy appearance.

Your sister can do the same with her denim jacket by pairing it up with her kurta or an ethnic skirt.


Twinning by adding scarves to your Rakshabandhan outfits can be great.

If you want to skip the hassle of matching your entire outfit with your sister, you can twin by adding a statement scarf or stole to your attires.

Scarves and stoles are a great option if you want to go all ethnic. They go well with kurtas and sherwanis. You can drape them around your shoulder or even wrap them around your neck.

Go for an embroidered scarf for a quirky ethnic game!

Pastels all the way

When we think about an elegant look, the first thing that comes to our mind is the legendary garb of black kurta-pyjama. We all can agree that no matter how many ages pass, this look will always be the talk of the town!

However, if you’d like to experiment with colours, going for pastels is a great option.

We ain’t bluffing when we say, pastels hues are making a comeback!

They’re elegant, soft and just scream sophistication.

A brownie point: they are a staple colour meant for the spring-summer period.

Go for a soothing colour palette like peach, pink or blue. Team up with your sister with a similar shade or even a contrasting one, for some of us just can’t agree with our sisters!

Ethnic jackets

Ethnic Jackets can be a part of your Rakshabandhan outfits.

Ethnic jackets can be a great alternative to amp up a basic attire. They’re a versatile piece of clothing that can be found in your sister’s wardrobe as well.

You can match your attires by going for similar prints. If you want to play it safe, ditch prints and go for a matching shade.

You can wear the jacket with a shirt or kurta.

To give your look a casual, low-key spin, unbutton your jacket and add a pair of snickers.

The classic pair

When we talk about going classic with a hint of sophistication, a clean, white outfit is the showstopper!

For many of us, a white outfit is the wardrobe staple for festivities. For a scorching summer day, go for a breezy white kurta or tee with a pair of blue jeans.

Trust me, it is one of the most comfortable outfits for an occasion like Rakshabandhan, that just can’t go without running errands!


After matching your outfit with your sister, put on a pair of matching shades and take loads of snaps! What better way can we find to celebrate the festival in the most dramatic way?

You can even match accessories like a pair of beaded bracelets and watches.

There are countless ways to match your outfit with your sister. Make the best of your creativity and create your own outfits!

Don’t forget to fill your belly with sweeteners and mouth watering food.

Take loads of photographs and make amazing memories with your family this Rakshabandhan.

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