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Pathani fashion for Men

When it comes to fashion, Bollywood is a trend-setter. From Shahrukh Khan in Raees to Varun Dhawan in Kalank, Pathani attires were the fashion highlight in many Bollywood blockbusters. Suits are a good choice but wearing a pathani during the festive season can surely grab the limelight. Men are indulging more and more towards wearing Indian attires and rocking a pathani is in every young guy’s bucket list.

Pathanis have an evergreen influence on the fashion industry. Be it Eid or Diwali, there is always a room for pathani. But what to wear, how to wear still stands as a strong question. Here are some tips for you to rock your festive pathani outfit.

A colour for occasion

Pathanis can have a never-ending list when it comes to colours. It is important to understand the occasion and then pick the perfect colour for your pathani. Also, you must keep in mind what colour suits you the most. Choices and preferences matter of course. If you are more of a sober kind of guy and like lighter shades of clothes, you can go with a cream colour pathani or a dull pastel shade. And if being vibrant is your cup of tea then hit off the venue with a red or blue bright colour. Black is an evergreen show stealer though. Wear a black pathani and you are all set to receive tons of compliments. Also, it is very important to understand what colour goes with your skin tone.

Choose a good pattern

Plain pathanis are still a thing but people have been more inclined towards gorgeous designs and heavy collar work. Different patterns and experiments can enhance your pathani game. But you would not like to lose the essence of your wear by over or under doing it. Having embroidery around the hands or the torso or even the whole attire can be a nice touch. You can easily find places where you can get your pathani customised according to your taste. Patterns do make the outfit more attractive and add richness to it. Floral work can be a good choice. Also, you can go for an embossed pattern on your pathani suits. Different embroidery around the neck and heavy embroidery pathani sets are good to go for your festive or celebration occasion. You can also choose if you want to go with a collar pathani with a chest pocket or give it a more elegant look with a Chinese collar.

Choosing the right fabric

Again, occasion plays an important role in determining what kind of fabric is your pathani. If it’s a small indoor function, you can go with cotton. If it’s a huge celebration then cotton might not suffice. You can go with chikankari or satin fabric. Also keep in mind to choose the fabric according to the weather condition or season so that you are comfortable while also looking like a style icon of the gathering. You can go with a cotton pathani or chikankari set and much more. Try to take out time and explore before buying your perfect pathani.

Accessorise it

Perfect accessories along with a perfect outfit is like a cherry on the cake. After all there is much more than an outfit that contributes to your look as a whole. As pathani is a traditional outfit, complimenting accessories can enhance the overall look. You can also pair a decent watch with your pathani. A sleek bracelet can look good too. You can also have a printed scarf to give edge to your classy pathani look. Though don’t go for heavily printed scarves, they may overpower the look and make it “too much”. But light patterned scarfs can be a deal maker for your look.

What footwear to opt

No doubt footwear can make it or break it for your look. It is very essential to pick the correct footwear to complete your look. You can wear a traditional jutti. If your pathani is plain, you can also experiment with an embroidered jutti with vibrant colours. The shoe industry has evolved a lot in the past decade.

In case you are not a jutti fan, you can also go with men’s sandals. If it’s a light occasion with less number of people, you can pick up flat and open sandals which gives a more casual look. Otherwise gaudy enclosed sandals always hit the mark.


Make sure to make room in your wardrobe for pathani sets this festive season. Hit off your pathani look with accessories and make sure to click some beautiful aesthetic traditional pictures to flaunt that look on your social media.

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