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No time to workout? How to maintain your body?

Does your work consume all your extra time and all you can do after work is eat and sleep. Wonder how to keep yourself healthy when there is no time to workout. Well we are here to assist you. Here is a guide on how to do it assembled by the BFH team.

The Morning Jog

However hard you might work, and however demanding your workout routine might be, not having the option to save 30 minutes each day for a run is just a weak reason. In the event that you can’t clock 30 minutes, do fifteen or twenty minutes at any rate. Not only will this assist you with keeping your body fit, it will assist you with remaining empowered for the duration of the day as well.

Stairway to Exercise

Is your office on the third floor? Or fifth? Alright, the 10th? Use the stairwell. In case it is a large number of floors, take a stab at climbing the initial staircase. Continue to expand the number at regular intervals. Tell yourself the lift will cause you to feel claustrophobic, or burn through additional time, or just be a less solid choice! In case you are cursed with a ground floor office, use the stairwell at whatever point

Weights in office

Occupied schedules infrequently allow for exercise meetings or gymming in the mornings or nights. Carry a bunch of hand weights and keep them in your office drawer. Take a couple of moments off at set occasions in the day and do your weights.

Office Facilities

Some offices are equipped with swimming pools and gymnasiums. This couldn’t be a better chance to get your exercise done. Take out some time to workout at the gym and carry your gym gear and those who I have swimming pools in the compound can take a swim interval during the day.

Night Walks

If none of the above mentioned tasks are difficult to carry out and you still aren’t able to get a workout on a regular basis then make sure to take brisk night walks. Eat all your meals on time, and after dinner go for a stroll down the road. When you start feeling accommodated to this regime you will realise the importance of a light last meal of the day.

Finally, we would like to say that exercising and staying fit comes at a low cost and only requires a little time from your day. Further, the amount of time you invest Is proportional to the results you achieve. Wish you good Health, Wealth and all the best!

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