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Must have Shirts in a Man’s Wardrobe

Men’s shirts are a big market to dive into, with different designs, sleeve types and neck styles for every age. It might be overwhelming with the number of available options but fret not, as men only need these must have shirts to mix and match with any outfit.

Shirt styles for men have not aged or changed over the years. They are a staple to any man’s wardrobe and versatile enough to be worn with most outfits. But not all shirts are considered fashionable or a must-have in a man’s wardrobe.

Read more to learn about men’s must have shirts!


The Henley neck shirt is one of the coolest casual shirts any man can own. A quality-made Henley can make any man look slim and fit and make any casual outfit look suave. They are commonly available and affordable, but not many men own them due to their subtlety that goes unnoticed with other tees. You can catch yourself looking at a man who is wearing a henley because you know he stands out from the rest. They are available in long and short sleeves, and we recommend going one for each with colours such as classic black, red/green, or pastel colour.

Floral/Hawaiian Shirt

For the right reasons, floral shirts have been a trend in men’s fashion since the last decade. They look great in any outfit, are comfortable, and give your whole outfit a personality and a touch of fun, making you look stylish and modern. They are the hottest shirt styles for men in recent times, and we believe it is one of the must-have shirts that any modern man must have in their wardrobe.


Never underestimate the style of a well-fitted polo shirt, as they can make a man look exclusive, mature and fashionable. They are classic and evergreen must-have shirts for men that often go unnoticed. Polo shirts can make you look the best in the room with the correct fit but they tend to also make you look older than your age if the fit is incorrect, so watch out for the fit carefully. Other than that, they are quite versatile and can be worn in both formal and casual attires.


The trend of turtleneck shirts resurged around 2016 and is our most loved trend for men. They are an absolute must-have, and just like polo, they can be worn in formal and casual attire. Turtleneck comes in two variations; a completely woollen sweater or thin autumn wear that is soft and not so warm to wear even on hot days. They give any man an exclusive and sophisticated look, especially pairing with any formal outfit, which is bound to make you look like someone important.

Muscle T-shirt

Every fit man should own a muscle t-shirt, a well-fitted shirt, especially around the muscular areas. These shirts make you look taller and accentuate your physique, making you look like a hunk. They should not be tightly fitted as that will make you look like a sausage and ruin the whole look of your outfit. They should be of good quality and soft so you can wear them casually or to the gym.

Button Up

The button-up shirt is a great shirt to own and, like the henley, is an evergreen fashion for men. They are versatile shirts and can be worn in the most formal situations, like a clean white oxford shirt or even casually like a comfortable blue linen with sleeves rolled up. They are one of the must-have shirts in a man’s wardrobe as they are functional and necessary for any man to look good and fashionable. The length is crucial to making it versatile; going for a length that is long enough to be tucked in but not long enough to reach the knees is ideal.

Graphic tees

Graphic tees were quite popular in the late 80s and the 90s and soon faded away from the fashion scene. Fast forward to 2017, and graphic tees had a resurgence with some cool designs. Even designer brands have launched their in-house lineup of graphic tees, which are now quite the trendy piece of attire to own. We recommend you wear it a little loose-fitted as graphic tees are the most casual wear any man can own. They can be paired well with jeans or shorts along with some nice pairs of sneaks. They are a trendy fashion style that come and go, so wear them while it is currently hot in style.


Shirts are an essential fashion style for men and are a long-lasting investment. This guide explains to you the different shirt styles available in the market to make you avoid investing in the wrong ones, especially if you’re running on a budget. If you’re out scouring for some new shirts and are clueless about what to buy next, follow this guide and bring a changeover to your wardrobe.

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