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Men’s piercing – A simple guide

Ear piercing for men started to gain popularity among sailors and the hippie subculture. This style has been worn by men for decades.

But how can you guarantee the health of your pierced ears?

Maintaining the piercings’ health, keeping the jewelry tidy, and keeping the holes open if you have to go without visible piercings for an extended period of time are your primary concerns with earrings.

How to Maintain Healthy Pierced Ears

The greatest health risks associated with piercings happen right away after the piercing was done. Because it’s far more difficult for a piercing to become infected once it’s had time to heal, that’s when after-care is most crucial.

However, since there is a hole there, they might possibly produce harmful bacterial or fungal growths at any time. Therefore, maintain your piercings tidy.

A simple cleaning solution is 8 ounces of bottled or sterilized water mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of pure non-iodized salt.

Additionally, you can purchase packaged saline solutions and other effective cleaning supplies. Make sure the soap is at least anti-microbial if you’re only using soapy water.

If you see any “crusties” in a new piercing, use a damp Q-tip to gently massage them away. These are simply dried lymph fluid, which is innocuous but unsightly and shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate. If there is a small amount of leaking, don’t get alarmed; it is not a symptom of infection on its own.

Keep an eye out for symptoms of an infection, such as swelling, discomfort, redness, or significant volumes of colored discharge.

Your piercings will always stay clean if you lead a generally clean lifestyle. To avoid resting in old perspiration and grime, change your bedding frequently. You should also take regular baths, making sure to clean any piercings you may have.

Wear Visible Piercings When:

The majority of the time, you can regard visible earrings (and other piercings) like other men’s non-functional jewelry: they shouldn’t be worn in professional situations, but otherwise, it’s up to you.

Funerals and other solemn occasions, as well as formal occasions like some weddings and award ceremonies, may be an exception.

It’s generally best to leave the earrings at home if there is a dress code and it calls for you to wear a suit and tie.

Utilize your own discretion and understanding of the circumstances. Earrings are probably not frowned upon during the funeral of a counter-culture artist, as hosted by his or her friends.

Probably is the wedding of a powerful and conservative banker. These items aren’t too difficult to find out.

How to Maintain a Piercing Without Wearing Visible Jewellery.

Of course, the issue with “leaving the piercing at home” is that piercings, especially newer ones, can heal incredibly quickly.

As much as possible, “young” piercings, which are typically considered to be those that are less than a year old, should be kept full. If at all possible, try not to leave them open for longer than a half-day or so.

Numerous items that are clear or flesh-colored are available for filling tiny piercings. They’re usually the best choice if you can find one in your gauge and a color that blends in.

Simpler home cures include using broken plastic comb teeth in place of earrings or short lengths of thick fishing line. If you choose to do so, be sure to use only completely sterilized jewellery in your piercing and switch to a fresh one each day.


When earwax is visible coated outside the ear canal, gently swab it out. Anytime ear hairs are clearly visible growing outside of the ear canal, carefully clip them. Keep all piercings clean, and wear them only as needed. Your ears should be alright if you’re performing those things. The grooming chores will likely take five to ten minutes total every few weeks, which is a small investment of time but well worth the trouble.

Around the ears, anything that is developing or seeping is pretty disgusting. Taking proactive action will help you maintain your good looks.

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