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Men’s Fragrances: A Guide

One’s body smell is a powerful tool in making someone attracted to you or familiar to you. Fragrances are an essential part of one’s fashion and also create a lasting impression with the people you meet. Our sense of smell helps us in latching on to good memories and feelings when we smell something pleasant and the opposite when we smell something bad. It can stir deeper connections with people if one is remembered with a significant smell. Hence, fragrances play a vital role in how people will perceive you. In the world of men, there are many men’s fragrances that vary from preference, rarity and ingredients used.

The amount of different fragrances and variations of each type might seem overwhelming to say the least but fear not! Continue reading to know all about men’s fragrances.

The different types of Men’s fragrances

Fragrances are of different types depending on the alcohol content, personal preference and also the situation you will be present in.

Eau de Fraiche

Considered as a lightweight by connoisseurs, this has the lowest concentration of oils and is diluted with more water than alcohol. The name hence stands to translate as fresh water. It lasts on the body for not more than two hours and is one of the lesser known fragrances for reasons you now know.


The Cologne is the little favourable brother of the Eau de Fraiche but still considered not a good fragrance option except maybe using it as a substitute of an aftershave. It has a lowered concentration of diluted oils and is a good option to use if you have guests at home or maybe just got out of the bath and need to go buy groceries.

Eau de Toilette

This is the most common fragrance that is easily available for men. The scents become a lot more stronger with this category and also lasts throughout the day even if not the evening. They have a higher concentration of oil and alcohol than Cologne and Eau de Fraiche. It is one of those fragrances that are best to wear to the office or a meeting or a quick get together with a friend due to its low intensity smell with more fruity or sweet scents.

Eau de Parfum

The Eau de Parfum (EDP) was more popular with women but soon came into the realms of men’s fragrances. They have one of the highest concentrations of oils and have a much stronger scent than any other fragrance. You know if someone is using an EDP just by the pungency of the scent and also the type of it which is usually more sophisticated. Scent like leather, woody, smoke are popular types when it comes to this category which is also accompanied by multiple layers of it.


Wearing a signature Parfum will make everyone know that you are present in the room because of its strong smell. It has the highest concentration of oils and is considered a pure fragrance with scents having multiple layers which change from the time you first sprayed it till the time it’s night. They are also known as fragrance notes. Two to three sprays are enough to make you last through for almost 24 hours. It’s a more pure form of the mentioned Eau de Parfum making you have a bold presence and scents so iconic that will leave people remembering it. It is one of those fragrances that is best worn to official parties, weddings or even a night out to an extravagant pub. With the Parfum you are guaranteed to make at least someone compliment you and also remember you by.

Different Notes

Strong and exquisite fragrances such as the Eau De Parfum or the Parfum have several layers to their fragrances which are also known as Notes by connoisseurs. A good fragrance has changes in its scent from the first spray till the time the end of the day. For example having a citrus smell in the beginning and then turning into something more musky mixed with your body odour but still retaining the original scent of the perfume. We shall better explain it in the following.

Top Note

It is the first impression of smell you get from the fragrance when first sprayed. They are usually stronger but do not linger for long. The top notes usually have scents that are fruity or minty such as maybe lemon, grapefruit or orange. They are short lived and give the first whiff of the scent to catch attention.

Middle Note

After the splash of the top notes have faded away, the remaining scent on your skin is known as the middle note. They are the true oils that start to smell which are mostly floral or green such as Jasmine, Rose or Lavender to name a few. They are not strong as the top notes but play around with it later on to give a more strong yet exquisite smell.

Base Note

The base notes are what you smell at the end of the day and is the true smell of the fragrance. They are more woody or musky in their scents and have an aroma of exquisiteness which almost smells like its own body odour but still has a rich exquisiteness about it. They mix with the middle notes to give an enriching scent that stays with your clothes and your body till the time you go to bed.

Perfumes are also differentiated based on their cost and rarity.


These are the types of fragrances we commonly see in stores. Brands such as Armaani, Jimmy Choo, Versace and others mass produce such fragrances and are appealing to most of the customer base. They use cheaper or more readily used materials because of their mass production.


These are handmade perfumes that are made on demand by customers and are mostly custom built according to the preferences of the client. They are bold, exquisite and might not be appreciated by all but are still made for true aficionados who want to be different and stand out. They also come with an equally high price that is not affordable easily.

The different types of perfume families

Fragrances are made around the similar type of ingredients but are mixed up uniquely even though they have differences in their scents. It has a similar concept to winemaking where more or less the similar type of ingredients are used in making it but has different mixtures to make it differ or change the taste. Knowing about the families will help you learn what’s best for you and make shopping for men’s fragrances much easier.


These are what you mostly smell when females are around. They have a fresh and uplifting aroma about them which consist mainly of plant, herbal or mystical smell which remind you of a greenhouse or a flower shop. They are not usually present in masculine perfumes but still available in unisexual ones and is a great option for men’s fragrances.


These are more exquisite in their smell and have a more strong woody scent that accompanies it. This type of scent dates back to as early as the Romans when the effluent class of people had used it to separate themselves from the commoners. They have a variety of ingredients used in order to come up with a strong but fresh and natural scent to wear.


Citrus scents consist mainly of fruity and energetic fragrances. To make it easier to explain, think about fruits such as oranges, grapes, mandarins but coupled with flowers or leaves such as neroli or orange leaves. They are not one of the most pungent of fragrances but are a great option among men’s fragrances if you want to keep it light yet tasteful.


These scents will instantly remind you of women in your life and for obvious reasons so. Flowery based oils are abundantly available and have greater variety making these types of perfumes the most commonly available. There are also great options for men’s fragrances which have a beautiful fragrance about them but they are mostly kept on the female side of things.


These are exquisite perfumes that have vintage appeal to it, especially of the 70’s. If the name gives you a French impression then you are right as it is extensively used by French Men. They have a scent that is filled with nature, from grasses to leaves, leaving behind a beautiful fragrance that feels bourgeois.


These scents are predominantly masculine and have a stronger scent. They have a mixture of smoky, leathery, tinge of tobacco and even honey which results in a beautiful mature smell. It is regarded as among the best for men’s fragrances.


This is another type of fragrance that is mostly curated for males. They have a much less sexy but a more mature scent than the leather family and reminds you instantly of old wood, books in a library, dried leaves mixed with scented wood such as sandalwood and oak which creates for a rough but gentle masculine scent.


The oriental family of fragrances is what you would call the perfect perfume for vacations. They are unique, rare and exotic with ingredients mostly from East India, the Middle East and even Turkey, making them have a exotic and hypnotic smell which would for sure make anyone ask you about it or compliment you. They are quite pungent in their smell which might seem overwhelming to some. We recommend using them sparingly and one spray is enough to make it through a whole evening. These are one of the rarest forms of Men’s fragrances that are available.


Although aftershaves are mostly used as a disinfectant after a good clean shave, they also act as a good fragrance at times. Aftershaves have a more musky and oceanic aroma to it that is peculiar yet attractive in a man. They also come in balms and gels but if you are using it for the dual purpose of sanitising your face and also as a fragrance then we recommend going for the lotion type. They are not one of the best types of men’s fragrances but investing in a good one can act as a great fragrance for an after shower fresh scent.


Fragrances are all about making an impression and feeling good while you’re wearing it without worrying about if you smell bad or maybe have no distinct smell at all. There are many things to consider before investing in a good fragrance and we hope this guide did justice to you in making you a little more knowledgeable about fragrances and what would work best for you.

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