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Men’s Fall fashion 2022

Finally, the fall season has arrived, bringing with it a change in global fashion. Ridhiman Das dives deep into the concurrent trends for 2022–2023 fall fashion and observes the emergence of new trends, the consistency of existing ones, and the re-embracing of previous fall fashion trends to make you rock your style.

Cargo pants

This fall, cargo pants will be popular with both men and women. Cargos can be a regular part of your wardrobe, making them a great, and versatile piece to add to your collection. They fall into the niche of casual and street-style fashion. They are available in various prints and designs for you to experiment and create your own outfit.

Jackets with fur lining

Fur-lined jackets were considered more of a feminine aesthetic and were not part of men’s fashion until recent times. Fur-lined jackets and coats have become a popular winter fashion aesthetic for men as well. You can easily pick up a fur-lined denim jacket that would pair excellently with most outfits.

Rough Jeans

This fall, un-dyed denim will be in style, and if you’re wondering what precisely raw denim is, now you know! These classic denim looks never go out of style and are more popular than ever. Winter 2022 trends have shown an inclination towards a more retro look, similar to that of the late 80s.


In my opinion, turtlenecks automatically improve a man’s appearance, particularly when they are layered! When you layer a turtleneck with a corduroy shirt, a flannel, a jacket, or even a coat, it automatically enhances the look of your outfit. These look great underneath most winter clothes, with the exception of a sweater of course!

Varsity Jackets

This fall, letterman and varsity-style jackets will be seen everywhere on social media. They give any outfit a young look and are sure to attract attention. Remember to purchase properly fitted ones to give the appearance of a more fit body.


Loafers are a great choice for the fall, especially if they come in a basic shade like black or brown. Additionally, they complement almost every outfit. However, keep in mind that these are not winter shoes; therefore, only wear them when you’re inside a party hall or in an indoor event and avoid wearing them outside in the cold or else you will be shivering which might turn out embarassing.

Sweater vests

This fall, sweater vests are a wardrobe staple, and by wearing one with a simple white shirt underneath, you’ll rule the fashion scene among your friends. Sweater vests are making a steady comeback after many years, and they look better than ever.

Bomber jackets

Because of their timeless design, bomber jackets look fantastic on all body types. This season, you should add one to your wardrobe without a doubt and they pair surprisingly well with most outfits.

Wide-Legged Pants

Look at the guys on the red carpets over the past month; wide-leg jeans aren’t just for Harry Styles! To spice up your regular wardrobe, invest in some iconic retro wide-legged jeans.


Sweaters are a fall staple that look quite adorable. They are warm and will instantly make any clothing look better. They give your outfit a more professional and decent look that can make any woman look twice.


The fall fashion trends for men in 2022 and 2023 look fantastic and have a flair for a younger-looking fashion style. It also adheres to a retro fashion trend that is directly inspired by the late 1980s fashion sense. We hope that this article has given you the edge to know what will be popular and more fashionable for fall this year so that you end up being the trendsetter in the room!

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