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Men and Hyperpigmentation Stigma

By: Ridhiman Das

Dark spots or patches in your skin does not mean a sign of dirt or poor hygiene, they are actually just Hyperpigmentation. These false standards of beauty are not to be seen as a stigma but a natural part of being a human being.

Dark spots or patches on your skin especially around the groin, inner thighs, under arms, neck or even your buttocks is known as hyperpigmentation. This condition can sometimes mean underlying health conditions or bruises but mainly happens due to age. They generally can be seen in areas that are underexposed which over time as we grow loses its glow due to extra secretion of melanin which is due to high secretion of hormones in such areas. This can be taken care of over time with frequent applying of moisturiser and other home remedies.

Even though hyperpigmentation is nothing to be ashamed of and does not cause any discomfort there is a stigma carried around the phenomenon which is due to the lack of knowledge. There are even ways to treat it; one still feels conscious and does not like it. Read more to know about the causes, treatments and hyperpigmentation stigma


Hyperpigmentation is mainly caused due to extra secretion of melanin due to the high hormonal secretion, poor lifestyle choices and exposure to harsh sun rays.

Other reasons may include:

· Addsions’s Disease- the body not making enough Cortisol.

· Genetics- it can be generational.

· Hormonal secretion during puberty or pregnancy.

· Deficient in vitamins such as B12 and folic acid.

· Skin Injuries.

Remedies of Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be cured through a variety of different ways. Although there are a scanty few products, they are mostly catered to females or only available over the counter for specific medical use. Male skin care products have seen a steady increase over the recent years but still have a long way to go. Apart from that there are even natural ways to reduce hyperpigmentation:

· Apple Cider Vinegar.

· Aloe Vera.

· Red Onion.

· Masoor daal mask.

· Tomato paste.

Hyperpigmentation Stigma

Hyperpigmentation stigma is a phenomenon of stigmatising the skin condition as something related to unhygienic or dirty. Although the condition is irrespective of any ethnicity or gender, it is seen to be more common amongst men as very few males have knowledge of skin care let alone caring for hyperpigmentation.

Men’s skincare awareness has seen an incline over the recent years but it is still not enough. Even though over the counter products are available for hyperpigmentation but they are more catered towards females or for specific medical use, nothing can still be found that caters the male audience. There is the underlying stigma of this condition being a ‘male-centric thing’, derogating to the point that since males take less care of their skin, it happens with them more. This in turn forms the health stigma that hyperpigmentation is a result of poor hygiene which is completely wrong as previously stated.


Marks on our skin does not always mean it’s a result of poor hygiene. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that is a part of the ageing process and men must be made aware of this and encouraged to embrace this change in their bodies as it is a sign of them growing up. Even though there are remedies and cures to treat this condition it should not be considered mandatory.

Hyperpigmentation stigma is a serious issue that has affected men’s mental health over the years. It is not to be treated as a running gag but instead educated people about why hyperpigmentation is very natural and happens to all of us. Hope this article has made you more aware of hyperpigmentation and you can help others to embrace it as part of their bodies.

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